OKH improves productivity with digital tech

OKH improves productivity with digital tech

OKH Logistics, participating in Singapore's digitalisation initiatives, is one such company that has been at the forefront of the latest technological developments. The company has recently replaced its legacy GPS-based system with an intelligent vehicle monitoring system. The IMDA pre-approved digital solution enables better management and monitoring of its vehicular fleet through video recordings, geo-location, smart sensors, and data analytics.

“Previously, while we may know where the driver is, but he could be non-responsive. We weren’t able to know what is happening on the ground, and it’s dangerous for us to call them on their mobiles,” said Mr Jeck Ng, who oversees the company’s business development.

With the new system, the operations control centre will be able to access the in-vehicle cameras in real-time to determine what stage of delivery each driver is at, so that they can better delegate their resources. “When we have urgent deliveries to make, we can redispatch and reallocate our resources very efficiently. We don’t even have to call our drivers to check if they are done with their current job.”

The result? Productivity rose by over 10 per cent.

Another advantage of the technology is that it has helped to boost safety.

Accidents often happen while reversing the vehicle, noted Mr Ng. But with the camera aiding the driver to get a clearer view of the vehicle’s rear and side views, the number of accidents has been halved.

In-cabin cameras also allows drivers to monitor and remedy the positioning of the cargo within the vehicle – trucks can be stopped in the event of goods toppling. After seeing the benefits a simple digital solution like cameras can have on the company’s operations, Mr Ng is now a firm believer and supporter of technology.

Said Mr Ng: “Because of this system, we are able to monitor our deliveries and drivers more efficiently. We are able to take in more business which contributes to around a 15 per cent increase in our gross revenue.”

Visit IMDA's SMEs Go Digital Programme for a list of Pre-approved Digital Solutions, or find out more about Accreditation@SGD.


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