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Contact person: Risha Malhotra

MindFi destigmatizes and normalizes workplace wellbeing conversations by driving active community interactions between employees, a network of psychologists and coaches, and internal Wellbeing Champions in the organization. 

MindFi’s integrated EAP and L&D programs include masterclasses, group coaching and counselling sessions and ongoing community interactions to empower employees to espouse and promote a culture of wellbeing across the organization. 

Employees can book private 1-on-1 coaching and counselling sessions on the MindFi platform across 16 domains in mental health, wellbeing and performance. They improve and recover faster together with group-based coaching and counselling, team-based wellbeing challenges and science-based analytics.

The MindFi mobile application, available in 15 different languages, allows employees to gain access to all the aforementioned services, local Care Providers, public and private wellness communities, as well as a growing library of self-care resources spanning across educational video classes and short audio-guided exercises.

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