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Contact person: Zac Lin
Contact: 9792 9018

Category: Enterprise Data / Devt Platform

Sub category: Distributed Database System

PingCAP is an enterprise-grade distributed database service provider committed to delivering an open-source, cloud-native, AI-powered one-stop database solution for growth-oriented clients. Its flagship product is TiDB, a reliable, scalable, and titanium(Ti) tough database, which is also an open-source, distributed NewSQL database that supports hybrid transactional and analytical processing ('HTAP'). It can simultaneously handle transactional and analytical workloads while allowing real-time data insights. TiDB also features horizontal scalability, strong consistency, high availability, and MySQL compatibility. A cloud version of TiDB, TiDB Cloud, is also available on both AWS and GCP, allowing global developers and innovation leaders to empower their businesses with the fully managed AI-powered database services of TiDB.

PingCAP is also recognized and trusted by prominent global research firms and customers. Forrester, one of the world's most influential research and advisory firms helping business and technology leaders, has recently named PingCAP as a "strong performer" in its Forrester Wave™ report on translytical data platforms Q4 2022.

And, as of the end of 2022, TiDB has been adopted by more than 3,000 customers from financial services, fintech, logistics, gaming, internet, SaaS, Web3, and many other key industries worldwide, and helped them shape a much more agile, simplified, and scalable storage system for their rapidly business growth. Adopters include both global big names such as Airbnb, Pinterest, Block, Databricks, CAPCOM, Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Ping An Life Insurance,, Xiaomi, and ZTO Express, and regional leaders such as Flipkart, Catalyst, Niantic, Paypay, Krungthai Bank, Cygames, Streak, Yum China, China Merchants Bank, China International Capital Corporation, IQiyi, and Bilibili. TiDB is also the most popular database for the rising Web3 industry, with NFTScan, KNN3, Amber, and many other Web3 pioneers using TiDB to support their massive business growth and customer success.

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