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Contact person: Dennis Sze
Contact: 8666 6185

Category: Enterprise Data / Devt Platform

Sub-category: Distributed Database System

YugabyteDB is a 100% open source, distributed SQL database designed from the ground up to eliminate expensive tradeoffs with legacy databases. Businesses can accelerate productivity, reduce costs and lower risks without vendor lock-in. The first—and only—open-source, hybrid, multi-cloud, distributed SQL database on the planet, YugabyteDB delivers a modern data layer.  Built for both existing postgres-compatible applications and new microservices and cloud native apps, you no longer need to compromise on performance, consistency, availability, or scalability. 

YugabyteDB delivers enterprise-grade RDBMS capabilities such as distributed ACID transactions and replication with strong consistency as well as the horizontal scalability and resilience of non-relational databases. YugabyteDB is available under Apache 2.0 open source license and is easy to try—deployable in public, hybrid and private clouds as well as in physical, virtual or container environments within minutes. Fortune 500 companies such as Kroger, Wells Fargo, and GM have already adopted YugabyteDB to help them modernise their data layer to expedite new innovations, eliminate expensive legacy solutions and enable a resilient, always-on business free from cloud lock-in.


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