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Paving the Way for Wireless in Singapore

Singapore is on the way to becoming a living lab for wireless developments. This is the message to the wireless industry in Singapore as it gets another boost in the form of two new initiatives unveiled by ...

Singapore, 20 June 2001 | For Immediate Release

New Initiatives for Encouraging Creativity and Innovation in the Wireless Industry and Enabling Market Development

Singapore is on the way to becoming a living lab for wireless developments. This is the message to the wireless industry in Singapore as it gets another boost in the form of two new initiatives unveiled by Ms Yong Ying-I, Chief Executive Officer of the Infocomm Development Authority (IDA). The new initiatives are part of the Wired with Wireless Programme announced last October.

Ms Yong was speaking at the signing of a Memorandum of Intent for the establishment of a Java Wireless Competency Centre (JWCC) today.

"IDA's initiatives focus on creating a living lab for wireless development, to give our industry players the tools to excel, a vibrant community of industry players to provide stimulus and partnership, and a platform to market to the world," said Ms Yong.

The first initiative, Wireless Technology Alliance (WTA) aims to foster partnerships and collaborations amongst players in the wireless value chain. The other initiative, Market Development (MADE), will facilitate market development for wireless industry players and encourage market testing of their wireless applications and services and subsequent launch in Singapore.

Wireless Technology Alliance (WTA)

Creativity and Innovation are the tenets of this initiative. The WTA aims to encourage industry alliances that will stimulate the development of innovative wireless products and services.

The WTA will serve as a platform for the sharing of technology, co-development and co-deployment of new wireless products and services in Singapore. Targeted at wireless application developers, wireless technology leaders, Institutes of Higher Learning and Research Institutes, it will facilitate the consolidation of "best of breed" technologies, and enable application developers faster access to the latest cutting-edge technology.

An initial sum of S$13.5million has been allocated for this initiative over the next 3 years.

The first partnership under the WTA was established today with the signing of the Memorandum of Intent for the establishment of the JWCC between Sun Microsystems, the Centre for Wireless Communications and the IDA. A board of directors comprising members from Sun, CWC and the IDA will oversee and provide guidance to the centre.

Market Development (MADE)

The Market Development (MADE) initiative aims to facilitate market development through enabling test marketing, joint market research and promotion activities.

MADE aims to assist companies in the above activities so that they will be able to acquire the necessary market knowledge and shorten their learning cycles. This will allow them to move faster into potential markets. IDA will also work with companies to showcase successful products and services through joint marketing activities.

Providing further perspective on role of the newly announced initiatives in the Wired with Wireless programme, IDA's Assistant Chief Executive for Infocomm Development, Mr Khoong Hock Yun said, "The new initiatives complement earlier announcements such as PATH and OBC which focused on creating a dynamic test bed for innovation. These two new initiatives will provide the wireless industry players with the additional impetus to develop, test and launch their products in Singapore."


About the Wired With Wireless Programme

The Wired With Wireless programme was launched in October 2000 to jumpstart the development of the wireless industry in Singapore.

Wired With Wireless is a multi-pronged programme designed to equip Singapore with the best in integrated wireless and wireline infrastructure, for the seamless delivery of rich multimedia content. This will position Singapore as a choice location and launchpad for wireless developments in Asia.

Focusing on key areas such as wireless multimedia, mobile commerce and location-based services, it is aimed at developing the entire wireless value chain, from infrastructure developers, access service providers to content creators and aggregators.

About Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore

The Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) is a dynamic organisation with an integrated perspective to developing, promoting and regulating info-communications in Singapore. In the fast-changing and converging spheres of telecommunications, information and media technologies, IDA will be the catalyst for change and growth in Singapore's evolution into a vibrant global info-communications technology centre. For more information, please visit

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