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MOM and IDA Launch Strategic Manpower Conversion Programme in E-Learning

The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) and the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) today launched a new training incentive scheme known as the Strategic Manpower Conversion Programme in e-Learning or SMCP(e-Learning). This programme aims ...

Singapore, 17 April 2001 | For Immediate Release


The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) and the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) today launched a new training incentive scheme known as the Strategic Manpower Conversion Programme in e-Learning or SMCP(e-Learning). This programme aims to train a pool of skilled manpower to develop e-learning solutions, so as to address the growth of e-learning as an alternative delivery medium for training.

A key initiative funded under MOM's Manpower Development Assistance Scheme (MDAS), the SMCP aims to re-skill professionals so as to enable them to take on careers in selected high growth sectors. In April 2000, MOM and IDA launched the SMCP programme for the infocomm industry, which aims to equip non-infocomm manpower with skills to take on a career in the infocomm sector. The SMCP (e-Learning) is the second in the series of SMCP programmes launched to date.

Rationale for SMCP (e-Learning)

The e-learning industry is fast becoming a growth industry worldwide. According to the International Data Corporation (IDC), the global corporate e-learning market is expected to grow from more than US$1 billion in 1999 to reach a market size of US$23 billion by 2004. In the Asia Pacific region alone, IDC estimates that the e-learning industry will almost double every year in the next 3 to 4 years to a value of US$462m.

e-Learning is also important because of its potential role in workforce development and skills upgrading. While it cannot totally replace classroom learning, the "anytime, anyplace" convenience and flexibility offered by e-learning can supplement classroom learning and help lower the barriers faced by adult workers in pursuing lifelong learning.

"A vibrant e-learning industry coupled with the widespread adoption of e-learning can contribute towards our visions of growing Singapore into an infocomm hub and developing a globally competitive workforce for Singapore. Individuals can leverage the flexibility of e-learning to enhance their productivity. Through the convenience offered by e-learning, individuals can upgrade their skills at anytime and at anyplace while still maintaining productivity levels at the workplace. e-Learning will also be instrumental in upgrading our workforce to meet the challenges of the knowledge-based economy," said Dr Kaizad Heerjee, Assistant Chief Executive of Online Development at IDA.

With the growing popularity of e-learning, there is a corresponding increase in demand for e-learning professionals. "The SMCP (e-Learning) is the latest initiative under MOM's Manpower Development Assistance Scheme. The programme will help address the growing manpower and skills demand for e-learning professionals in Singapore. At the same time, it will enable Singaporeans to pursue exciting career opportunities in this fast growing field," said Mr Chan Heng Kee, Divisional Director of Manpower Development at MOM.

Programme Coverage

The programme's initial area of focus is e-Learning Instructional Design. The initial target is to convert 150 individuals in the first year into e-learning instructional designers who can meet the requirements of established instructional design practices and standards. The target group will include graduates and diploma holders who already have some background in a learning-related field.

The SMCP (e-Learning) will be an employer-based scheme, which means that individuals who wish to participate in the programme must be nominated by their employers. The programme will be opened to e-learning companies, training providers planning to move online, and organisations with internal e-learning needs.


Under the SMCP (e-Learning) programme, employers can enjoy the following incentives when they send their existing staff for conversion training, as well as those who recruit new staff and enrol them in the conversion courses.

Course Fee Support

  • For each trainee, support of up to 50% of the course fees, or S$4,000, whichever is lower.

Training Allowance

  • For full-time training, provide financial support of $40 per day, or $800 per month, to defray the salaries/allowances incurred by employers during the period of training.
    There will however be no training allowances for part-time training.

Eligibility Criteria

 The basic eligibility criteria for participation in the programme are as follows:


  • Must be a Singapore registered organisation.
  • Must deploy sponsored employees as e-learning instructional designers after the completion of the conversion programme.


  • Must be a Singaporean or Singapore Permanent Resident.
  • Does not have a formal qualification in the same area of study.
  • Has not received any previous financial support under the SMCP.
  • Must complete at least 75% of the training and pass all examinations required by the conversion programme.


  • Training must not have commenced at the time of application to the programme.
  • Does not have a formal qualification in the same area of study.
  • The training course should not be shorter than 100 hrs or longer than 12 months.
  • The training course curriculum must be approved by IDA.

Training Providers

Training providers who are interested in offering their courses under the programme should submit their proposed course curriculum to IDA. Companies may also design their own customised conversion courses.

Further Information

Interested employers and training providers can obtain more details on the SMCP (e-Learning) at the IDA website

Go to "Manpower" section, click "Programmes" followed by "Strategic Manpower Conversion Programme in e-Learning [SMCP (e-Learning)]".. They may also contact IDA at:

Tel: 211 0474
Fax: 211 2207

For further information on the programme, the media can contact:

Mdm Lim Nah 
Senior Manager, Corporate Communications
Ministry Of Manpower
Tel: +65 6232-1458

Ms Chia Sher Ling 
Manager, Corporate Communication
Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore
Tel: +65 6211-1840
Fax: +65 6211-2227