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Singapore's eCitizen Wins Prestigious Stockholm Challenge Award

Singapore's eCitizen portal has been named winner of the e-Government category in this year's prestigious Stockholm Challenge in Sweden...

Singapore, 11 October 2002 | For Immediate Release

Singapore's eCitizen portal has been named winner of the e-Government category in this year's prestigious Stockholm Challenge in Sweden. Competing against 19 finalists from around the world, eCitizen was recognised for excellence in harnessing today's information and communications technology to benefit Singapore's people and society.

The Stockholm Challenge is an international competition, acknowledging pioneering IT projects which positively impact individuals and society. A non-profit initiative of the City of Stockholm, the Stockholm Challenge is part of Time.Stockholm - a Swedish event for innovative entrepreneurs within the telecommunications, IT, media and entertainment industries.

Winning the Stockholm Challenge is another high point in the Singapore government's track record of encouraging online public service. Singapore was ranked as the second leading e-Government by Accenture in 2001. Canada, which was ranked as the e-government leader by Accenture was also one of the 19 finalists. Other finalists include projects from the United States, India and the United Kingdom.

Winning entries are selected based on four major criteria - innovation, users' needs, transferability and accessibility. Special attention is given to projects that promote democracy, counteract segregation and discrimination or support gender equality. Entries are also judged on how the project benefits people, society and the environment.

The Stockholm Challenge jury consisted of 31 international experts based in all parts of the world and is chaired by Mr. Alfonso Molina, PhD and Professor at The Edinburgh University, Scotland.

The eCitizen portal ( aims to move the government's customers on-line rather than waiting in line. In addition, it fulfils the government's purpose to give significantly higher levels of 'C.A.R.E' in its delivery of public services.

C - 'Courtesy': providing government services in the most customer-centric and user-friendly way possible.

A - 'Accessibility': providing users with convenient and easy access to electronic services, whether from their homes or through community facilities, and 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if possible.

R - 'Responsiveness': services delivered in good time with minimal red-tape and constantly identify and develop new services that are relevant to the changing needs of the public.

E - 'Effectiveness': meeting the public needs efficiently and effectively through services delivered electronically in a secure and reliable manner.

The eCitizen portal is designed to enable citizens to conduct a wide range of daily activities, such as the e-filing of income tax, renewal of vehicle licenses and application for a business license through one user-centric interface.

Recently, Singapore was also awarded the Explorer Award at the E-GOV 2002 show in Washington, DC, USA, for successfully developing and implementing the Public Service Infrastructure (PSi). PSi serves as the foundation for Singapore's nationwide e-government initiatives and is a government-wide platform for delivering government e-Services to citizens and businesses.


About eCitizen

The eCitizen portal is the Singapore government's first stop on the web for a wide range of government services. All services and information on the eCitizen portal are conveniently categorised according to lifestyle needs. These include: Arts & Heritage, Business, Defence, Education, Elections, Employment, Family, Health, Housing, Library, Recreation, Safety & Security, Sports, Transport and Travel. Users can experience a world of convenience and benefits by retrieving information and transacting online with government ministries and agencies. The eCitizen portal is owned by the Ministry of Finance (MOF) and managed by the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA).

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