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Learn, Work and Play the e-Way in 2002

 The Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) today unveiled the new directions for e-Celebrations Singapore and e-Festival for 2002. The value of IDA's partnership with the private and public sectors was reiterated ...

Singapore, 8 Feburary 2002 | For Immediate Release

IDA extends e-Celebrations Singapore to offer 52 weeks of fun and interactive activities for every Singaporean

The Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) today unveiled the new directions for e-Celebrations Singapore and e-Festival for 2002. The value of IDA's partnership with the private and public sectors was reiterated as a key factor in promoting e-lifestyle adoption.

Positioned as Asia's most extensive e-lifestyle campaign to shape infocomm adoption for learning, work and leisure, e-Celebrations Singapore 2002 will be extended from a five-week programme to a 52-week campaign featuring a vibrant mix of activities to accelerate the adoption of an e-lifestyle among the public.

Ms Pam Hu, Director of e-Lifestyle Marketing, Online Development, IDA, said, "Our collaboration with partners from community organisations, private companies and government agencies in the past two years had helped make e-Celebrations Singapore very successful in promoting the awareness of an e-lifestyle. This year, we will continue to build on our success to encourage more Singaporeans to adopt an e-lifestyle to personally experience the real benefits and enhance their quality of life in this digital age."

She added, "We are pleased to see that many Singaporeans have started to embrace infocomm technology over the past year. Since March 2001, some 72,000 people, including senior citizens, homemakers and workers, have picked up basic computing and Internet skills through the National IT Literacy Programme (NITLP). In addition, we have built up a team of 800 e-Ambassadors who are helping their friends and family to learn and use infocomm technology in their daily lives."

In line with the Singapore 21 vision, e-Celebrations Singapore 2002 will focus on inviting all Singaporeans to be part of an e-Inclusive society, where everyone will have equal access to infocomm technology, regardless of age, language, social background or ability. To achieve this goal, IDA will be working closely with its partners to change mindset, motivate adoption and improve accessibility to an e-lifestyle.

From March 2002 - February 2003, e-Celebrations Singapore will be offering an extensive range of consumer activities featuring the 4Es in an e-lifestyle - e-Communications, e-Entertainment, e-Learning and e-Transactions. These will include events for specially-themed months such as Broadband Month, Volunteers' Month, Wireless Month and Assistive Technology Month.

In addition, e-Festival - a showcase of the latest infocomm devices, services and solutions in the market - will be presented in a revamped format this year.

Instead of a one-off exhibition, e-Festival will now leverage four core lifestyle platforms throughout the year to reach out to a wider group of audience and demonstrate how infocomm technology is relevant to different aspects of their daily lives.

Kicking off with the longest running consumer home show Homemakers, IDA will be launching e-Festival@Homemakers on 23 March 2002 to showcase the diversity and versatility of e-transactions available to consumers through special promotions and activities.

To develop an exciting line-up of programmes for e-Celebrations Singapore and e-Festival, IDA has recently announced its call for collaboration to the private and public sectors. The call for collaboration aims to harness multi-sectoral partnership for concerted outreach through consumer education and events to accelerate adoption of an e-lifestyle.

Key partners' roles include co-organising 4Es-related events such as public campaigns, exhibitions, roadshows and thematic online promotions. Partners can also participate by promoting online multilingual content, providing editorial and programming opportunities, and setting up IT resource centres at non-profit organisations.

Through their partnership with IDA, organisations will be able to leverage the heightened brand awareness through co-branding, receive funding to optimise resources and explore mutually beneficial opportunities to strengthen market presence.

Ms Hu said, "Our partners are key to the success of e-Celebrations Singapore and e-Festival. Through strategic alliances with different organisations, we are able to provide engaging, innovative and fun content to encourage the public to participate actively in our programmes. We welcome any organisation who shares our passion for motivating e-lifestyle adoption to be part of the e-festivities this year. "

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