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The IDA and Korean Systems Integrator (SI) LG CNS Ink Win-Win Partnership towards Globalisation of Leading Edge Solutions

The new IDA-LG CNS partnership will provide business and solutions development opportunities for Singapore Infocomm Local Enterprises (iLEs) and LG CNS, in Korea, Singapore and beyond. Announcing this today, the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) and LG CNS ...

Singapore, 03 June 2003 | For Immediate Release

The new IDA-LG CNS partnership will provide business and solutions development opportunities for Singapore Infocomm Local Enterprises (iLEs) and LG CNS, in Korea, Singapore and beyond. Announcing this today, the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) and LG CNS elaborated that this new partnership will take place at two levels:

* As an Infocomm Local Industry Upgrading Programme (iLIUP) partner, LG CNS will enhance the capabilities and expertise of partnering Singapore developers; jointly develop solutions suite that eventually be adapted and deployed for Singapore and overseas markets through LG CNS' international networks.

* As an Overseas Development Programme (ODP) partner, LG CNS' partnering iLEs will leverage LG CNS' global networks and leadership in Korea to accelerate their go-to-market effort to build their "external wing" to increase their market presence in global markets.

The IDA is excited about this new partnership with LG CNS," said Mr Khoong Hock Yun, Assistant Chief Executive for Infocomm Development Group at the IDA, "As part of our Beyond Singapore strategy in the Connected Singapore Infocomm vision, we believe that such long term collaborations not only benefit Singapore, but also leading Infocomm companies such as LG CNS. Singapore iLEs will benefit from the experience of jointly developing and testing solutions and have a head-start in the global marketplace as these solutions will be distributed through LG CNS'global network."

ODP was first announced at the launch of the IDA's Connected Singapore vision on 26th March 2003. Working at a corporate level, ODP forges win-win partnerships between Singapore-based infocomm Local Enterprises (iLEs) and leading global Infocomm Companies. This prepares the iLEs to be globally competitive by boosting their capabilities and enhancing their overseas market position with direct access to their partner's Research & Development (R&D) resources. It also plugs them into global business opportunities and networks. The IDA, through the Overseas Development Programme (ODP) aims to nurture 50 globally competitive local companies to achieve export revenue of more than $50 million over the next two years. This will be achieved through mutually beneficial partnerships with leading local and global Infocomm Multinational Companies (MNC) such as LG CNS.

LG CNS expects to accelerate its globalisation strategy by partnering Singapore iLEs through industry development programmes, such as through IDA's iLIUP and ODP.

Said Mr. D H Kim, executive vice president of LG CNS, "We are pleased to be the IDA's first Korean iLIUP and ODP partner. As Korea's leading SI, LG CNS believes that this partnership with the IDA to be mutually beneficial. We believe that our iLIUP and ODP partnerships with the IDA will enable us to work with the best of Singapore's iLEs, and put us in good stead to develop world-class solutions based on LG CNS best practices and methodologies. This will boost our value in the South East Asia IT market as well as in Singapore."

LG CNS first established its presence in Singapore when the company was selected as the lead company in a consortium participating in the IDA's "Connecting the Homes" CFC Project last year. LG CNS' key activities in Singapore are in providing System Integration (SI) services, research & development, and establishing global strategic alliances.


Notes to Editor:

About iLIUP

The Infocomm Local Industry Upgrading Programme (iLIUP) aims to accelerate the development of Infocomm capability of Singapore Enterprises for international market competition; and enhance Infocomm market share and revenue for the mutual benefits of Multinational Corporations and Singapore. There are currently more than 23 Multinational Corporations and more than 200 local enterprises have also benefited from the programme. For more information, please e-mail

About Overseas Development Programme

The Overseas Development Programme (ODP) aims to forge win-win partnerships between Singapore-based Infocomm Local Enterprises (iLEs) and leading Singapore Companies/Infocomm Multi-National Corporations (MNCs), at the Headquarters level, to prepare Singapore Infocomm enterprises to be globally competitive, boost their capabilities to increase their presence in growing markets outside Singapore, and further enhance their overseas market position through direct access to leading MNCs/Singapore Companies' R&D resources, and global business opportunities and networks in their own countries.

About Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore

The Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) is a dynamic organisation with an integrated perspective to developing, promoting and regulating info-communications in Singapore. In the fast-changing and converging spheres of telecommunications, information and media technologies, IDA will be the catalyst for change and growth in Singapore's evolution into a vibrant global info-communications technology centre in its roles as the country's Infocomm Regulator, Infocomm Promoter, as well as Chief Technology and Government Information Officers. For more information, visit

About LG CNS

LG CNS, the leading IT service company in Korea, provides total solution package for clients' successful business in various fields of industry. In 1987, LG CNS began its services with the consolidation of all the system management service offices of over 40 LG group subsidiaries and push into public and government sector, which the company made the top system integrator in.

Since then, LG CNS has been the market leader with a broad range of knowledge, IT specialists, and best quality services through continuous investment in R&D and education as well as its experience in successful business performance. LG CNS has actively expanded its business overseas to establish local corporations in the Singapore, China, Japan, Philippines, Malaysia and, etc and has about 1,400 customers worldwide.

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