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IDA Announces Results for Numbers Auction & Launches ENUM Pilot Trial

To ensure that Singapore's scarce number resources are managed in an efficient, objective and transparent manner, the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) has today announced the results of its fixed-line ...

Singapore, 08 September 2005 | For Immediate Release

IP Telephony, Fixed Line & Mobile Numbers Allocated and Pilot Trial Paves the Way for Innovative IP Services

To ensure that Singapore's scarce number resources are managed in an efficient, objective and transparent manner, the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) has today announced the results of its fixed-line, Internet Protocol (IP) Telephony1 and mobile numbers auctions conducted earlier this week. To leverage on the convergence of Internet and telecommunications technologies and to take advantage of the wide range of applications supported by such convergence, IDA is also inviting companies to participate in an Electronic Numbering (ENUM) 2 pilot trial to see how numbers can be used innovatively for multiple services in addition to IP Telephony.

The IP Telephony numbers auction and ENUM pilot trial is a follow-up from IDA's launch of the IP Telephony and ENUM policy framework in June this year. The framework is designed to facilitate the entry of companies interested in offering IP Telephony services in Singapore and is expected to bring about reduced costs and more choices in providing telephone services. Part of the framework includes the issuing of licenses and phone numbers for the provision of IP Telephony services. To date 20 entities have either been licenced or have indicated an interest to provide IP Telephony services.

Numbers Allocation Results

In a bid to ensure Singapore's scarce number resource is allocated in market-driven method, IDA put up for auction earlier this week numbers with prefix '3', '6' and '8'. A total of 21 number levels3 were allocated. The prefix '8' numbers auction on Monday for mobile numbers saw a total of 3 eligible mobile operators participating in the auction in which 12 number levels were allocated.

IDA's auction session on Wednesday for fixed-line and IP Telephony numbers saw 2 eligible operators being allocated 5 prefix '6' number levels and 4 eligibile operators being allocated 4 prefix '3' number levels. Details of the numbers allocation exercises are summarised in the annex (57.50KB) of this media release.

Companies Invited to Participate in ENUM Pilot Trial

To provide companies with a testbed to test the technical and commercial feasibility of their innovative ENUM services, IDA has appointed its subsidiary, the Singapore Network Information Centre (SGNIC), to conduct an ENUM pilot trial. SGNIC's main purpose is to administer the Internet domain name space in Singapore.

To ensure that the full potential of ENUM is tested, companies participating in the trial will be required to provide a suite of ENUM services such as ENUM registration, ENUM server hosting and ENUM-based services. This is similar to how domain name services are offered to consumers currently. Anyone who is interested to set up a website will need to register an Internet domain name with a registrar. This registrar may host the domain name on its server and may offer the consumer value-added services such as setting up email accounts which match the registered domain name.

For the trial, participating companies may use the IP Telephony numbers they acquired from IDA's auction or allow consumers with existing telephone numbers to take part in the trial. The ENUM pilot trial will last for six months from when the participating company is ready to trial their ENUM suite of services. At the end of the trial period, SGNIC will assess if the trial needs to be extended or if ENUM will be launched in Singapore.

Commenting on the interest shown by the industry, IDA's Director-General (Telecoms) said, "IDA is highly encouraged by the level of participation the industry has shown for the numbers allocation exercise. This bodes well both in terms of the potential demand for IP services as well as the demand for mobile numbers. Such developments can benefit consumers and businesses through lower costs and better and more innovative services."

For more details of the numbers allocation procedure, please refer to the IDA website (  under the Policy & Regulation section. Companies and individuals interested to participate in the ENUM pilot trial should refer to the SGNIC website at


Notes to Editor:

1 IP Telephony is a form of Voice over IP (VoIP) service. A user's voice during a IP telephony call is digitised, carried over public Internet or private IP networks in IP data packets, then de-digitised back into 'voice' at its destination. With IP Telephony, a user can potentially use any broadband Internet access connection to make and receive local or international voice, data and video calls (regardless of location), with a phone number.

2 ENUM allows telephone numbers to be mapped to Internet domain names. Users can potentially receive calls, access voice-mails, data facsimiles and email functions over the Internet using a single digital contact number.

3 A number level consists of 10,000 numbers. For example, the mobile number level 8300 XXX includes all numbers from 8300 0000 to 8300 9999.

Supplementary Information

Please refer to the IDA Media Portal at for a backgrounder on "Electronic Numbering - Module 101" and "IP Telephony - Module 101".

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