Spectrum Management in Singapore

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Spectrum Management in Singapore

(Singapore, 03 February 2004)

IDA is responsible for the management, allocation and use of the radio frequency spectrum.
The Resource Management & Standards Department of IDA ensures the efficient and effective
allocation and use of the scarce spectrum resource for radio-communications services.
The radio frequency spectrum is divided into frequency bands allocated for various
radio-communication services such as aeronautical, land mobile, meteorological and
satellite communication services as can be seen in the chart below.
For more details of the spectrum allocation chart, please refer to the IDA website.

Users need to apply to IDA's Competition & Market Access Department for a radio licence
to operate the equipment prior to the actual assignment of the frequency.

The management of spectrum includes also the responsibility for investigating and
resolving complaints from radio users who experience interference.
IDA carries out routine frequency monitoring and tracing of unauthorised transmissions.
This ensures an interference-free environment for licensed radio frequency users in