For the two other finalists, iWhiz wasn’t all about winning – participation had its own rewards as well. Here are some of their views and highlights from the reality game show

For the two other finalists, iWhiz wasn’t all about winning – participation had its own rewards as well. Here are some of their views and highlights  from the reality game show.

Tay Kang Xun, 21
Singapore Management University
Bachelor of Business Management and Bachelor of Science in Information Systems Management

Being the oldest in the show, Kang Xun is very level-headed and has great leadership qualities. Kang Xun is also a National Infocomm Scholar. 

Greatest Satisfaction...
Having to work under time pressure and as a team while cameras are pointing at your face, and coming up with something that is innovative that will beat the other teams – and then doing it.

Real-World Relevance...
One aspect that is very dear to me is the business side of infocomm (Episode 6). I'm especially interested in exploring how to utilise infocomm to create competitive advantages for businesses.

Tay Kang Xun, 21
Tay Kang Xun, 21

Personal Milestone...
I have gained competency in various software, such as Dreamweaver (for Website design) and Flash (for animation). Also, I've had an introduction to Java programming, which has aided me in one of my modules that I'm taking this semester (Object-Oriented Application and Development).

Low Point...
The low point was to have to choose between two of my teammates [from Team Quadcore] to vote out in Episode 7 [“Virtual Combat and Software Programming” challenge]. Both Shi Ying and Derrick were capable teammates and it was a tough choice.

After iWhiz...
I'll be embarking on a career with Computer Associates when I graduate. I look forward to a career in leveraging infocomm as an enabler of business.

Fong Hui Fen, 18
Nanyang Polytechnic
Digital Entertainment Technology

Hui Fen is an easy-going girl. She is good with her graphic skills and plays her part as an approachable teammate.

Personal Highlights...
Doing things that I had never tried before, facing all difficulties with endurance throughout no matter what happened, and learning different areas about infocomm.

Change in Perception...
Before I joined iWhiz, my impression was that "all I need to know about infocomm is programming", but I was wrong. Human relations and public speaking skills play a very big role too. Without it, no matter how good the end result of your work is, it will never get a chance to show others its fullest potential.

Fong Hui Fen, 18
Fong Hui Fen, 18

Friendships through Hardship...
The most memorable was the friendships we have formed among the filming crews and some of the contestants, for example Zhen He, Jasmond, Yingjie and Derek. We shared our tears and joy together during the competition, and gave moral support to one another although some of us were competitors.

Career in Infocomm...
I would like to pursue a career as a Technical Director or Visual Effects Specialist.