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Wireless@SG Free Wi-Fi Service Doubles to 1 Mbps

1 September 2009 - From 1 September 2009, speeds for the free Wireless@SG service will be doubled to 1 Mbps from the current 512 kbps across all hotspots around the island. Other Wireless@SG enhancements such as Seamless and Secure Access (SSA), Wireless@SG Dashboard and a Centralised Location-Based Engine are on track to be launched by January 2010.

Singapore, 1 September 2009 | For Immediate Release

Wireless@SG Free Wi-Fi Speed Increased to 1 Mbps from 1 Sep 2009

From 1 September 2009, speeds for the free Wireless@SG service will be doubled to 1 Mbps from 512 kbps across all hotspots around the island.

First announced in June during imbX 2009 by Acting Minister of Information, Communications and the Arts RADM(NS) Lui Tuck Yew, this enhancement will enable Wireless@SG users to better access media-rich and interactive websites as well as make use of bandwidth-intensive services such as video streaming, video conferencing and multimedia applications.

This speed upgrade will take place seamlessly across all three Wireless@SG operators’ network, without requiring existing Wireless@SG users to re-register or having to re-configure their devices or computers. New Wireless@SG subscribers will also get to enjoy the new speed upgrade as the free service continues until 31 March 2013.

Wireless@SG will also see various other enhancements by January 2010 such as Seamless and Secure Access (SSA), Wireless@SG Dashboard and a Centralised Location-Based Engine.

Seamless and Secure Access (SSA)

Operators will introduce SSA to enable secure automated logon to the network. This will significantly enhance the user’s experience in accessing Wireless@SG, particularly for those who are using devices like Wi-Fi capable mobile handsets to surf the Internet.

Wireless@SG Dashboard

Operators will launch a Wireless@SG Dashboard, a mobile portal that hosts a variety of Wireless@SG applications and services such as a hotspot finder. With the Dashboard, users can conveniently and instantly download and access these services.

Centralised Location-Based Engine

Operators will integrate all Access Points information into a common database. Third-party application developers will be able to develop location-based services (LBS) applications that leverage on this information. Consumers will be able to enjoy LBS in all Wireless@SG hotspots regardless of operators.

By the end of the year, Wireless@SG operators will start to rollout consumer and enterprise services over the Wireless@SG network, such as digital signage advertising, location-based services, cashless payments and facility monitoring.

IDA Assistant Chief Executive, Infrastructure and Services Development Group, Mr Khoong Hock Yun said, “Since its launch in 2006, Wireless@SG continues to be a popular service, the number of hotspots around the island has increased from 600 to 7,500 hotspots and its current 1.3 million subscribers have exceeded its original target of 250,000 subscribers. Wireless@SG has contributed to a more vibrant wireless broadband market and users can look forward to an even better user experience as the service is enhanced and operators deploy new and exciting services for consumers and businesses."

For more information regarding the Wireless@SG service, please visit: or download the Wireless@SG fact sheet (320.39KB).


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