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Science Centre Singapore Adopts Customised Smart Learning Technology to Enhance Science Learning and Visitor Engagement

29 Sep 2015 - Science Centre Singapore (SCS) – in collaboration with Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) – will soon unveil a new interactive smart learning space at the Centre to offer dynamic content with customised learning experiences for visitors, based on their profiles.

Singapore, 29 September 2015 | For Immediate Release

Science Centre Singapore (SCS) – in collaboration with Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) – will soon unveil a new interactive smart learning space at the Centre to offer dynamic content with customised learning experiences for visitors, based on their profiles.

Usually visited by a wide audience ranging from young children to adults, SCS’s “Tuning In: Brain and Body” exhibition will offer content relevant to visitors from various age groups. From end October 2015, visitors will be able to use the “Brain Explora” mobile app1 to enjoy dynamic content within the exhibition. Based on the user’s profile, the app differentiates between adults and children to offer age group specific content – adults will be presented with deeper information while children can enjoy bite-sized learning coupled with games and quizzes. Through the app, the new smart learning space will also offer more engaging experiences using rich digital content in various formats, such as videos and interactive games, as visitors explore the exhibition.

Associate Professor Lim Tit Meng, Chief Executive of SCS, said, “Technology is a big part of our lives in Singapore and it has transformed education as well – teachers and students alike use laptops in classes, and technology literacy is prevalent. The interactive smart learning spaces leverage children’s familiarity with technology to introduce scientific concepts through non-traditional learning formats. We hope that refreshing content on “Brain Explora” will strengthen knowledge and skills acquired during classroom science lessons.”

In August 2015, the Ministry of Communication and Information announced Infocomm Media (ICM) 2025, a plan to enable the development of Singapore as a Smart Nation. In line with ICM 2025, the smart learning space leverages data and analytics to aid SCS in its planning to improve visitor engagement and learning. Through user-generated data, the solution also offers analytics that provide insight into visitor behaviour and preferences, thus guiding SCS in the design of future content, exhibitions and other smart learning spaces.

These efforts are also part of test beds in preparation for the new Science Centre, due to be completed by 2020.

“This dynamic, differentiated and customisable user experience is a good example of how place and exhibition owners can exploit technology to offer better visit and learning experience for their guests. Such innovative use of technology can be applied across many places of interest and, by improving the quality of experience, invigorate a wide range of consumer-related industries,” said Mr Khoong Hock Yun, Assistant Chief Executive, Development Group, IDA.

1Available on Apple App Store and Google Play Store from end October 2015.

Visitors keen on experiencing the new interactive smart learning spaces at SCS can visit “Tuning In: Brain and Body” at Science Centre Singapore, Hall F from end October 2015.


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