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Singpex '93 Opening Ceremony cum Prize Presentation Ceremony

Mr Tan Guong Ching, Chairman Telecommunication Authority of Singapore (TAS) Speech - Singpex '93 Opening Ceremony cum Prize Presentation Ceremony

Mr Tan Guong Ching, Chairman
Telecommunication Authority of Singapore (TAS)
Speech - Singpex '93 Opening Ceremony cum Prize Presentation Ceremony
Singapore, 21 August 1993

I am very happy to be able to officiate in this morning's opening cum prize presentation ceremony of Singpex '93.

Many Singaporeans have at one time or another collected stamps. It is an absorbing hobby and many collectors spend countless hours building up and enjoying their collections. More importantly, stamp collecting has helped us to develop an appreciation of the beauty and knowledge of our national and cultural events, captured in miniature form in the stamps issued. I would like to see more people take an interest in philately so that our postal heritage and history will continue to be handed down to future generations.

I am glad to see that we now have a growing core of serious collectors. Besides investing a large sum of money, these collectors spend much time and effort researching on the history and origin of their stamp collections. At a recent auction of Malaya and Thailand stamps and covers by an internationally renowned auction firm, the volume of sales reached $3.4m. This reflects Singapore's growing stature in the international philatelic community.

Since its reconstitution on 1 April 1992, the Telecommunication Authority of Singapore (TAS) has been given the role of managing Singapore's philatelic collection, promoting an interest in philately and increasing the awareness of postal history and heritage in Singapore. TAS's philatelic collection includes a range of Singapore stamps dating back to the 1940s. We also have a series of original artworks, colour proof, printing plates and printed stamp sheets produced during the various processes of stamp design and production. Altogether, the philatelic materials form a beautiful, interesting and priceless collection reflecting various aspects of Singapore's cultural, social and national heritage. Besides local stamps, TAS has also a collection of stamps from more than 170 postal administrations around the world dating back to the 1960s.

As part of its effort to promote philately, I am pleased to announce that TAS is planning to set up a Philatelic Museum in Singapore. The Museum, which is expected to be ready by 1995, aims to stimulate an interest in philately among Singaporeans and to promote the collection and study of Singapore's philatelic materials.

The Singapore Philatelic Museum will be equipped with state-of-the-art computer information technology. It will integrate text and imageries to provide visitors to the Museum, both young and old, with an unique visual treat of our collection. The Museum will also be organising programmes which will offer a rich variety of learning opportunities to all Singaporeans and provide them with an enjoyable and stimulating experience in philately.

To help TAS achieve its goals in setting up the Museum and to maximise the benefits of the Museum to all Singaporeans, a Philatelic Trust Pro-tem Committee comprising representatives from TAS, the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Communications, Auditor-General's office, the National Museum, Singapore Post Pte Ltd and the Association of Singapore Philatelists has been formed.

Once established, the Singapore Philatelic Museum will serve as the focal point for all philatelic activities in Singapore. Together with other philatelic organisations, joint activities can be organised to further promote philately in Singapore. National philatelic events such as Singpex could even be held within the Philatelic Museum premises. I have no doubt that such an arrangement would facilitate further Singpex's success in promoting and stimulating interest in philately in Singapore.

Most of you would also be aware that in September 1995, the prestigious World Stamp Exhibition will be held in Singapore for the first time. About 100,000 local and overseas visitors are expected to attend this mega event at the Suntec International Convention and Exhibition Centre. Rare exhibits and Singapore's own philatelic collection will be featured among the highlights of this international exhibition.

TAS is committed in its role to take an active part in the promotion of philately in Singapore. I look forward to the support of philatelists and philately organisations in Singapore to help put Singapore firmly on the philatelic map of the world.

I wish to extend my thanks to Mr Soon Soo Gay, Chairman of the Singpex '93 Organising Committee and his Committee Members for their concerted efforts in organising the event. On this note, it is now my pleasure to declare Singpex '93 open.