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Dr Kaizad Heerjee, Assistant Chief Executive, Online Development, IDA Singapore - Speech Press Launch of D2DLogistics

Dr Kaizad Heerjee, Assistant Chief Executive, Online Development, IDA Singapore - Speech
Press Launch of D2DLogistics

Singapore, 19 September 2000


1. Good morning ladies and gentlemen, it is my pleasure to be at the launch of

Importance of E-commerce

2. As part of the Infocomm21 Strategic Plan, the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA), together in consultation of industry partners and other government agencies, has outlined the strategic thrust to "Dotcom the Private Sector", which describes a framework to position Singapore as an EC hub. Acting as a catalyst, IDA has outlined a two-pronged strategy to promote EC penetration and eventual adoption in the industry, namely:

  • Broad-based community usage of EC to promote mass adoption within the smaller and medium sized companies;

  • Sector-specific adoption of EC on specific industries.

3. The direction for the sector-specific adoption refers to the digital transformation of businesses in key economic sectors like transportation and logistics that contribute to Singapore growth as well as the infocomm industry.

4. Logistics contribute to about 7 per cent of the nation's GDP. Over the next decade, we see Singapore developing as a premier integrated Transport and Logistics hub with leading edge capabilities in terminal facilities and logistics management competency.

5. Against the backdrop of rapid growth of business-to-business electronic commerce, it is pertinent to ensure that Singapore logistics companies continue to advance in tandem with business needs.

6. There exists significant potential to harness the use of information technology within the logistics industry in Singapore. It is crucial to move beyond just the tactical implementation of computerization to embrace new technologies to seamlessly integrate workflow and business value chain. The effective implementation of information technology will lead to significant enhancement of operational capabilities and increased ability to garner new business opportunities that would not have otherwise existed.

7. In the IT Action Plan for the Logistics sector, IDA and TDB will channel efforts to upgrade the infocomm capabilities of the logistics industry via piloting and deploying emerging technologies that will improve productivity and reduce overall business cost.

8. The overall goal is to provide an infocomm framework for the deployment and integration of information and technologies across the logistics industry to achieve intra-company integration, inter-company connectivity and international linkages. The Plan comprises eight key programs spanning across areas such as enhancing integrated inventory management, developing track and trace capabilities, integrating workflow and supply chain activities, optimizing logistics planning and modeling, and developing e-commerce portals.

9. TDB and IDA are also actively joining its efforts to attract a critical mass of transportation and logistics portals to hub their Asia-Pacific operations in Singapore. The virtual connectivity will complement the physical connectivity of Singapore as a logistics hub.

10. The efficiency gains to the logistics sector will strengthen Singapore's position as a global electronic commerce hub. / Conclusion

11. At this point, I would to like to congratulate on its official launch. I am pleased to see that increasingly logistics companies are realizing the potential of infocomm technology and are actively implementing strategies to remain competitive.

12. Such developments enhance the fulfillment capabilities of electronic commerce marketplace, which are important to the electronic commerce eco-system.

13. I wish d2dlogistics success in its endeavors.