Yong Ying-I, Chief Executive Officer, IDA Singapore - Speech Opening of Siemens Information & Communication (I&C) Mobilizer Wireless Center ...

Yong Ying-I, Chief Executive Officer, IDA Singapore - Speech
Opening of Siemens Information & Communication (I&C) Mobilizer Wireless Center

Singapore, 24 October 2001

Alpha, Science Park II
24 Oct 2001, 11 am

Dr Valentin Chapero
President, Siemens Information & Communication Mobile Networks Group, Siemens AG,
Distinguished Guests,
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Good morning to you all.


May I begin by thanking Siemens for your invitation to witness the opening of your I&C Mobilizer Wireless Center today.

Singapore's relationship with Siemens goes back a very long way. Singapore first experienced German technology in 1908 through the setting up of 'Siemens Brothers Dynamo Works'. In 1970, Siemens set up its semiconductor integrated circuit assembly and test facility. Today, Siemens is Singapore's largest German company, with its regional business headquarters located here. It has received the Economic Development Board's Business HQ award, recognizing its expansion of its Singapore operations into nerve centers with regional management responsibility.

Since 1999, Siemens has been collaborating with our Centre for Wireless Communications and Kent Ridge Digital Labs to develop mobile Internet solutions. Through EDB's Training and Attachment Programme (TAP), Siemens is training 20 Mobile Internet Technology engineers from Singapore in its Munich facility, with the aim of having them form the core of Siemens' new R&D Centres in Singapore.

Today, we celebrate the opening of Siemens Information & Communication Mobilizer Wireless Centre, which draws on the company's R&D strength. R&D has always been the driving force behind Siemens' innovativeness, where 1 in every 9 employees in the global Siemens workforce is engaged in R&D.

Building Wireless Capabilities in Singapore

Siemen's dedication and commitment to R&D is a strategy that I think Singapore companies can emulate to sustain a competitive edge. Despite the economic uncertainty, the pace of technology innovation globally continues to accelerate. It is imperative that our wireless industry maintains its competitiveness through continuous development of wireless capabilities and innovation. How can we do this?

IDA's 'Wired With Wireless programme is one such example to help jumpstart the wireless industry and develop capabilities in Singapore. The Wireless Technology Alliance (WTA), which is one of the initiatives under the programme, encourages tie-ups between local and global technology players to share technology and collaborate on the development of new wireless products and services. The first partnership under the WTA was the collaboration between Sun Microsystems and Singapore's Centre for Wireless Communications to establish a Java Wireless Competency Centre.

Today, I am glad to see Siemens open its I&C Mobilizer Wireless Center. To me, the development of such competency centers can be likened to having today's leaders steer, nurture and develop up-and-coming new leaders from amongst our Singapore-based companies.

Besides enabling co-development through competency centres, we also want to create a conducive test bed environment for wireless developments in Singapore. The Pilot And Trial Hotspots (PATH) initiative under the Wired With Wireless programme facilitates the piloting of innovative wireless technologies and applications in the Singapore market. By supporting partnerships with end user companies which will co-sponsor innovative projects, the PATH initiative enables products or services from the pilots to be used by the co-sponsoring organisations.

There can be synergies between the Siemens I&C Mobilizer Wireless Center and IDA's 'Wired With Wireless' programme. We welcome developers working with the Siemens I&C Mobilizer Wireless Center to conduct pilots and trials under the PATH initiative as well as participate in our various Call for Collaboration projects. Just over a week ago, we launched 2 new calls to collaborate in the areas of: Mobile Workforce Enterprise and Wireless Java Solutions. The first public briefing sessions for these 2 CFCs will be held over the next 2 days. Further details can be obtained from the IDA web site by navigating under 'Key Programmes' 'Wired With Wireless'.


Particularly in the economic downturn, Singapore companies are finding it tough to get hold of the resources both to maintain their business positions and to invest in R&D and innovation to stay ahead. Collaboration with leading technology players globally and strategic partners is an important strategic option.

I am happy to count Siemens as one of the strategic and long-standing partners of Singapore. I would like to thank Siemens for your 93 years of commitment in Singapore. May I wish you every success in your endeavours in the wireless arena and many more good years in Singapore!

Thank you.