Launch of Singapore's Ultra-Wideband Programme

Mr Lam Chuan Leong, Chairman, IDA - Speech Launch of Singapore's Ultra-Wideband Programme, Suntec Singapore ...

Mr Lam Chuan Leong, Chairman, IDA - Speech
Launch of Singapore's Ultra-Wideband Programme, Suntec Singapore

Singapore, 25 February 2003

Distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen,

1. Many years ago, a famous philosopher wrote in his autobiography that he found that the value of his University was not in teaching him but in providing him with the "intellectual climate" for his thinking to grow and flourish.

2. In a very real sense, what we are doing today is the same: to create an "intellectual climate" for innovation and research in Singapore. Today's launch of the Ultra Wide Brand Programme is meant to create a conducive climate for the exploration of this infant technology.

3. Creating such an intellectual climate is not a trivial task. And it certainly takes time. Fortunately the ingredients are already here. Over the decades, the area where the UWB trial is going to take place IDA has designated as the hub of all UWB activities in Singapore has grown to include a University, a Science Park and many Research Institutes. With all the talented men and women concentrated on academic and intellectual pursuits here, including research and development, we certainly have the ingredients to make a contribution to the growth of new ideas and technologies.

4. IDA and many other agencies and companies have come together to launch this UWB programme as our contribution to a vibrant information technology industry in Singapore. This aim goes beyond just intellectual interests and pursuit. It is, at its foundation, a means of creating jobs for people and at this time, it is certainly a key thought on the minds of many people.

5. There are many ways to earn one's living. However, in today's circumstances, it is not the best means to earn one's living by the sweat of one's brow. The winner's prize goes to those who work with their minds and create new ideas; not just ideas but new innovative ideas that will make a difference in people's lives. Only such "knowledge-workers" are able to get jobs that are intrinsically rewarding and also financially rewarding.

6. The UWB programme is one area where it can provide such rewarding jobs. Our Chief Technology Officer, Dr Brian Chen has mentioned some of its exciting possibilities and the innovative products and services that it can bring about. Our distinguished visitors will soon share with us their thoughts on this subject. You are all here because you too see the potential of UWB in your area of work.

7. As a layman and on a personal level, I am keen on UWB because it frees me from the tangle of wires that spews out from the back of my PC, television, or hi-fi system. Each time, I get a new device, be it a PDA, a scanner, a digital camera, a DVD player, a whole new slew of wires comes with it. I look forward to the day where I can be free of these "umbilical cords" that tether me to the PC equipment and sometimes tripped me over. How wonderful when the day comes when your hi fi system, your computer, laptop, PDAs, digital cameras, and can all simply connect to one other wirelessly!

8. I am sure many others share this same feeling of freedom and mobility that wireless brings about. Hence the rapidity with which Singaporeans took to the mobile phones and wireless networking at home and at work.

9. We have with us today, many experts in this field. May I welcome them warmly to Singapore and to share with us this task of planting the seeds for this new field. Finally, I want to thank them and also to wish the many participants here today all the success in the their UWB trial endeavoursand beyond; that let us work together to put Singapore firmly on the world map as the place to go Wireless!

Thank you.