Singapore Broadcasting Authority (SBA) Commissions a New Documentary Series on Conservation

Dated: 11 October 2002

The Singapore Broadcasting Authority (SBA) has commissioned a documentary series on conservation entitled Beyond The Façade on Channel NewsAsia.


From the Fullerton Hotel to the Shuang Lin Monastery and the Chicago Business School, Beyond The Façade is a showcase of some of Singapore's successfully-conserved architectural gems.


The six-part documentary series details the conservation efforts that have gone into the restoration of Singapore's oldest buildings into their former glory as well as the transformation of residences, hotels and shophouses into buildings which incorporate modern design and uses. At the same time, it reveals the challenges encountered by the architects in the restoration of each building as well as the innovative solutions adopted.


Peppered with anecdotes of people who have lived and worked in the buildings and interviews with architects involved in the conservation process, Beyond The Façade also offers viewers a slice of the history and colourful stories that lie behind each building.


Commissioned by SBA at a cost of $120,000, Beyond The Façade is produced by Oak3 Films and debuts on Channel NewsAsia on Thursday, 17 October 2002, at 8.30pm.


Ms Amy Chua, SBA's Director of Programmes said, "We hope the series will help viewers to appreciate the skill and effort that went into the restoration of each building and learn more about the conservation process as well as take pride in the history and heritage of our grand old buildings".