Media Development Authority (MDA) explores family issues in new MediaCorp TV drama

Dated: 17 May 2003

The Media Development Authority (MDA) has commissioned a six-part contemporary drama series centred around the theme of the family. Entitled No Place Like Home, the programme will make its debut on MediaCorp TV's Channel 5 on Wednesday, 21 May at 8pm.

Funded at a cost of $390,000, No Place Like Home comprises six one-hour episodes featuring individual self-contained stories. The series explores real family issues Singaporeans can identify with like balancing career with family life, single parenthood, the impact of divorce on children and living with in-laws.

This series is produced by local production houses Atlas Associates, Big Communications, Film Formations, Matrix Vision, Ochre Pictures and Zhao Wei Films. It showcases a familiar cast that includes Huang Biren who makes her first appearance on Channel 5, Andrea De Cruz, Amy Cheng, Lim Kay Tong, Vernetta Lopez, Koh Chieng Mun, Tan Kheng Hua, and Eunice Olsen in her first acting role on Channel 5.

Ms Amy Chua, MDA's Director of Media Content said," Following the success of our previous anthology series Love Matters on love and marriage, we felt that it would be appropriate to continue with another thematic series - one addressing family issues. We are glad that this new series explores a range of real issues that families today face, and we hope it conveys the message that families do matter."

Ms Selena Ho, Vice-President of Network Programming and Promotions 5, MediaCorp TV, said, "We are happy to be able to work with MDA to produce a strong family-based programme that is close to the hearts of Singaporeans. In line with Channel 5's goal of quality family entertainment, we hope No Place Like Home will bring everyone, young and old, in the family together to enjoy a show that is both heart-warming and inspiring."

A synopsis of the series is attached at Annex A.

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Chin Soo Fang
Group Communications
DID: 6 357 5777

Junie Ong
Marketing Executive 
Network Programming and Promotions 5
MediaCorp TV 
DID: 6 350 3361

About Media Development Authority

Media Development Authority (MDA) was formed on 1 January 2003 from the merger of Singapore Broadcasting Authority, Films and Publications Department and Singapore Film Commission. As the promoter and regulator of the media industry, MDA will work towards developing a vibrant media industry in Singapore and nurturing a Creative Media and Connected Society.

About MediaCorp TV Channel 5

MediaCorp TV Channel 5, Singapore's most popular English media, is a 24-hour general entertainment channel with a mix of mass-appeal local and international programmes. Channel 5 has a heritage of providing highly successful local productions featuring Asian faces and Asian themes. Examples include Under One Roof, Phua Chu Kang Pte Ltd, Growing Up, Living with Lydia, Mr Kiasu, First Touch and True Files.

It also produced local versions of the top-rated international game shows, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? and Wheel of Fortune. Many of the acquired shows on Channel 5 are Emmy Award winners, including Friends, West Wing, Ally McBeal, The Practice and ER. It has also been quick off the mark in featuring hugely-popular reality shows like Survivor, Amazing Race, as well as sports programmes like World Cup 2002, the 2002 Commonwealth Games, and the 2002 Asian Games.

MediaCorp TV Channel 5 aspires to be a brand respected and recognised, not just in Singapore, but all over the region as well.

MediaCorp TV is a Strategic Business Unit of MediaCorp (Media Corporation of Singapore). Besides MediaCorp TV, the Group's television arm comprises MediaCorp TV12, which runs the Suria and Central channels, as well as MediaCorp News, which runs Channel NewsAsia. MediaCorp is the largest and most established broadcaster in Singapore with a complete range of media businesses spanning TV, Radio, Entertainment Productions, Press, Publications, Electronic Media and other broadcasting services.




Episodic Synopsis

  • Birthday Party - starring Andrea De Cruz
    21 May
    Produced by Film Formations

Andrea plays Faith Chung, a workaholic mother trying hard to have the best of both worlds with her high-flying (and highly stressful) job and her family. She faces a really trying week when she has to juggle organising an important conference with the planning of her son's birthday party. To make matters worse, her husband has to attend a meeting in Bangkok on the day of their son's party.

  • Trouble-in-Law - starring Vernetta Lopez &Koh Chieng Mun
    28 May
    Produced by Ochre Pictures

They may play mother and daughter in Under One Roof, but in Trouble-in-Law, Vernetta plays Ru, an English-educated, modern working mother who is the daughter-in-law of Mei (played by Cheng Mun), who lives in Indonesia and has certain expectations of what a good daughter-in-law is. Ru's life turns topsy turvy when Mei comes for a visit (arriving earlier than expected) and Ru's husband Wen, has to go away on a working trip, leaving the two women together.

  • The Chan Family - starring Tan Kheng Hua &Lim Kay Tong
    4 June
    Produced by Ochre Pictures

Kheng Hua plays Elizabeth, an ambitious corporate climber who wants her 5Cs but her husband Chye Meng (played by Kay Tong) knows better than to live beyond their means in a too nice house that is way too expensive. What will it take to get Elizabeth to realise that there is more to life than holding on to the dream job and house?​

  • Popiah and Me - starring Huang Biren &Gerald Chew 
    11 June
    Produced by Big Communications Pte Ltd

Making popiahs isn't your usual way of venting frustrations but for the recently retrenched Tony (played by Gerald Chew), this provides sweet relief. This pace of life however, is just too slow and too laid-back for his career-centric wife Su Lin (played by Biren) who thinks he should be out and about actively looking for another job, and this leads to friction between them.

  • Colours - starring Amy Cheng
    18 June
    Produced by Matrix Vision

Beatrice (played by Amy), a fashion designer, has always taught her daughter to use colours to express herself. So when her daughter's drawings start taking on shades of black and grey, Amy senses that something is wrong. Perhaps it has to do with her breakup with husband due to his extra-marital affair?

  • Alone @ Home - starring Eunice Olsen &Sean Say
    25 June
    Produced by Atlas Associates

Vicky is a single parent who has to cope with managing her rebellious son Desmond on her own. Living next door to them are Joe (played by Sean), Felicia (played by Eunice) and Sean's mother, Tang Popo. Felicia, a mean-spirited career woman wants Joe to kick his mother out of the house as she sees her as old and troublesome. She manages to do so, but things take a different turn as Tang Popo befriends Desmond who works out a plan to get her home.