BFC Classifies The Da Vinci Code

Dated: 8 May 2006

The Board of Film Censors (BFC) has rated the film 'The Da Vinci Code' NC16 (No children below the age of 16). 

In deciding on the rating, the BFC sought the views of the Film Consultative Panel (FCP) which comprises a cross section of society, representing different professions, age groups, races and religions.

The FCP members watched and discussed the film. The majority of members came to the conclusion that the film should be viewed as a thriller and a piece of fiction. Members agreed that the film can be shown, but at a higher rating as only a mature audience will be able to discern and differentiate between fact and fiction. In making the recommendation, the FCP also noted that the film adaptation had additional dialogue (not found in the book), which emphasises the importance of religious faith.

Taking into consideration the views of the FCP members, the BFC has classified the film NC16 with the consumer advice ""mature content"".