Chinese and Malay TV News to get real-time sub-titlling

Dated: 1 December 2006

Television (TV) viewers will be able to enjoy real-time subtitling on MediaCorp’s Chinese and Malay news bulletins starting 3 December 2006. The service –supported by the Media Development Authority of Singapore (MDA) –will be introduced on the key Chinese news bulletin on Channel 8 at 10pm and Suria’s 8pm news bulletin.

Subtitling refers to the reproduction of prepared scripts superimposed on the TV screen as read by the presenters. With this service, news scripts for packaged stories will appear as subtitles on the TV screen at a speed synchronised with the presenter’s delivery of the script.

The decision to provide subtitling for news bulletins was made earlier this year following requests from the general public and the deaf community. The launch of the Chinese and Malay service marks the second phase of MediaCorp’s plans to roll out real-time subtitling on its TV channels’ selected news bulletins. The first phase was launched on 2 October 2006 on Channel 5’s 9.30pm English news bulletin. To date, the service has met with positive feedback from the general public and the deaf community.

Dr Christopher Chia, Chief Executive Officer, MDA, says: “We are heartened by the response we have received following the launch of the English subtitling service and are pleased to extend this public service with MediaCorp to the Chinese and Malay news bulletins. We hope it will benefit more members of our society and contribute towards building a stronger social fabric. MDA is pleased to work with MediaCorp to bring this service to the community.”

Adds Mr Lucas Chow, CEO of MediaCorp: “The feedback we received on the subtitling for English news has been most encouraging. Now that we are introducing subtitling for Chinese and Malay news, even more people will be able to understand the news and keep up with what is happening.”

Says Mrs Jenny Ho, Executive Director, Singapore Association for the Deaf (SADeaf): “We have received positive feedback on the English subtitling and welcome the extension of the subtitles to Chinese and Malay news bulletins. This would mean another step closer to general accessibility of information for all. Subtitling would not only benefit members of the deaf community, but also to the aging population. The SADeaf would like to thank everyone who has made this come true.”

MDA and MediaCorp are continuing efforts to source for and explore available options in the market which can produce real-time Tamil subtitles for the introduction on Vasantham Central’s news bulletin.

MDA and MediaCorp will also continue to track public feedback on the subtitling service to make improvements where needed to cater to community needs. This project is to run for three years in the first instance.

Issued jointly by Group Communications, MediaCorp and Communications Division, Media Development Authority of Singapore.

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