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Results from survey show 65 percent of Singaporeans use Internet in their daily lives

Dated: 9 November 2006

​​​A recent survey commissioned by the Media Development Authority of Singapore (MDA) measuring the sophistication and attitudes of Singaporeans towards the Internet has revealed that 65 percent of Singaporeans aged between 15 –49 are at least moderately aware and are casual users of the Internet.

The findings were revealed at a press conference today by MDA to announce the line-up of public events under the MediAction! initiative, running parallel to Asia Media Festival 2006 to add buzz, fun and excitement in the consumer space.

MediAction! is a year-round MDA public outreach initiative that consists of a series of engaging and inspiring activities targeting students, parents, educators and the public. Altogether, a total of 33 events have been organised by MDA and 47 partners for November and December to provide Singaporeans with the opportunities to discover and experience the possibilities and benefits of media, for work, learning, or play. (See Annex A for details of events).

The survey was undertaken to understand usage, appreciation and attitudes of Singaporeans for the Internet space. The results will provide a benchmark and be used to refine MDA’s outreach strategies.

More than 1,000 Singaporeans aged 15 - 49 were interviewed between July and August this year. The MDA survey showed that:

 65 percent of Singaporeans aged 15 - 49 are at least moderate users of the Internet.
 55 percent of Singaporeans aged 15 - 49 are at least moderately able to analyse and discern information on the Internet.
 33 percent of Singaporeans aged 15 - 49 are at least moderately involved in producing content on the Internet, such as blogs, webcasts, and podcasts.
 22 percent of Singaporeans aged 15 - 49 at least moderately encourage or facilitate others in the use of the Internet.

While the survey showed that about two thirds of the people surveyed use the Internet at least moderately in their daily lives, fewer are discerning users - able to critically sieve through the information on the Internet effectively for their purposes. Far fewer are actively creating online content (33 percent) or supporting others in the use of the Internet (22 percent).

Said Mr Michael Yap, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, MDA: “I am heartened with the results as it shows more than half of Singaporeans aged between 15 - 49 do engage the Internet for work, learning or play. This augurs well for Singapore’s readiness to harness the power of the Internet. The media landscape is undergoing an exciting transformation, especially with the emergence of interactive and digital media. We will continue to finetune our outreach strategies to increase the sophistication in the use and creation of media content.

Experience the benefits and opportunities of media Promoting the use of the Internet is one of the objectives of MediAction! as Singapore moves into the Digital Age. Through MediAction!, Singaporeans will learn to use the Internet as well as digital and traditional media not only for information and entertainment, but be equipped with skills and cyberwellness core values to upgrade themselves from being passive consumers into active, responsible “prosumers” in creating content and thus, enhancing their employability. Prosumers are those that are able to both produce media content and be consumers of content.

Launched end of last year, MediAction! returns this November with a bigger bang to provide more opportunities for Singaporeans to use media. Of the 33 events organised for the next two months, 21 focus on Interactive &Digital Media. This is double the number of events organised over the same period last year. So far, MediAction! has reached out to some 100,000 Singaporeans this year.

“MediAction! is an excellent initiative that has strong objectives, and is a perfect vehicle to introduce Singaporeans to the vibrant media fare available here at home and beyond. The Substation Moving Images is honoured to be a partner in offering programmes and events aimed at integrating the media with the arts and education, and engaging the youth and local community,” said Audrey Wong, Artistic Co Director, The Substation.

One of the key highlights of MediAction! during AMF is a 1,000 sqm anchor pavilion at SITEX called Your Digital Playground. Co-organised by MDA and Singapore infocomm Technology Federation (SITF), Your Digital Playground will be built to resemble a playground that will showcase fun and exciting media content and services. Visitors thus, will be able to experience how they can use media to enrich their work, learning, or play.

SITEX will be held from 30 November –3 December at Halls 3 and 4 in the Singapore Expo.

Focusing on media adoption
In 2007, MediAction!’s strategic thrust will focus on 1) promoting the adoption of media, 2) promoting the responsible and discerning use of media, and 3) promoting media as a choice career.

Ms Pam Hu, Director, Community and International Relations, MDA, said: “The burgeoning media industry will offer many exciting and challenging career possibilities Thus, it is imperative that Singaporeans are equipped with the necessary skills to leverage on the opportunities presented by these new media platforms. And our MediAction! outreach activities are aimed at preparing to take the first step in this media journey.“

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