Singapore and Korea to showcase three HD co-productions at MIPCOM 2007

Dated: 10 October 2007

A first-time effort to bring together producers from Singapore and Korea to work on television projects for international distribution has produced three High-Definition (HD) documentaries, on subjects closely intertwined with the Asian culture and psyche.​

The documentaries result from the successful co-production agreement between the Korean Broadcasting Institute (KBI) and the Media Development Authority of Singapore (MDA) signed in November last year. They will be launched at MIPCOM 2007, an international market for the buying and selling of audiovisual and digital content.

The projects, FestivAsia – Moondance by Big Communications (Singapore) and Creo Contents (Korea), Asian Youths by Upside Down Concepts (Singapore) and Media Special (Korea) and Text in the City by Sitting in Pictures (Singapore) and Digital Plus (Korea) draw their inspiration from life stories of dwellers in Asia.

Said Dr Christopher Chia, Chief Executive Officer, MDA: “The agreement between KBI and MDA underlines Singapore’s long-standing relationship with Korea. These outstanding HD documentaries will offer international viewers a window into our diverse yet unique Asian cultures.”

Mr. Gyun Yu, president of KBI said: “By initiating this partnership with MDA, KBI has committed to work with the best Singaporean and Korean documentary producers to bring out the interesting subjects from Asia to our global audiences. We expect that viewers will be much delighted to explore Asian culture with these tasteful programmes.”

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