MDA conducts a public tender for two FM frequencies

Dated: 29 March 2011

The Media Development Authority is conducting a three-month long public tender to allocate two FM frequencies -- FM 89.3 and FM 92.0 -- to operate commercial or not-for-profit radio stations in Singapore.

The tender follows an earlier ‘Expression of Interest’ (EOI) exercise conducted by MDA in April 2010. More than 20 parties registered their interest at the close of the EOI exercise in May 2010.

Based on market interest, MDA now seeks formal proposals from interested parties to operate FM 89.3 and FM92.0. The three-month public tender exercise will close on 28 June 2011.

As part of the tender exercise, MDA welcomes new ideas and does not intend to limit the future station(s) to any particular genre, in order to encourage a variety of proposals. The tender also aims to encourage new players to enter the market as well as to provide more choices for listeners, resulting in a greater spread of local radio content for different segments of the population.

MDA will evaluate the bids submitted based on the following criteria:

  • programming innovation, characteristics and quality;
  • financial standing and business plan;and
  • ability to produce and promote local content that aids the development of Singapore’s media industry.

In addition, for tenderers who intend to operate commercial radio stations, there would be a monetary bid component, while not-for-profit radio stations will be evaluated on the social impact of their offerings.

The tender is now posted on GeBiz, under ITT No. MDA000ETT11000022. Interested parties can submit their proposals according to the instructions in the tender before 4pm 28 June 2011.

Results of the tender will be made known by September 2011.

If successful in their bids, the operators of FM 89.3 and 92.0 will add to the already vibrant radio industry here. According to the Nielson Media Index (survey done in the period Jul 09 –Jun 10), 93% of the population aged 15 and above tuned in to radio in the past week. There are now 20 FM radio stations in Singapore. FM radio services in Singapore play a significant role in nation building, and serve public and social interests. FM radio services in Singapore are complemented by digital radio services;MediaCorp Radio currently operates five Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB)-only stations and eight simulcast DAB stations, and Rediffusion offers 15 DAB channels.


About the Me​dia Development Authority of Singapore
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