Better Data-Driven Business (BDDB)

Upscaling Digital Capabilities for Better Business Practices

The Better Data Driven Business (BDDB) programme helps SMEs gain deeper consumer insights, enhance their business intelligence and data analytics capabilities, and scale up their businesses through the responsible use of data. It aims to support two types of SMEs, those that are starting to learn to use data to generate insights and those that seek to apply and share data for more complex purposes. With BDDB, data is no longer out of reach for SMEs, providing them with the necessary tools to leverage data for business success.

Watch this video to find out how using business intelligence tools and effectively analysing data can help your business stay competitive in the digital economy.

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Launch of Better Data Driven Business Programme — Making Better Decisions with Data

Through BDDB, learn how to:

  • Collect necessary data safely;
  • Combine data across systems with adequate protections; and
  • Share data externally with partners and suppliers safely, in line with the requirements of the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) obligations.

Any FREE tool that my business can use?

Transform raw data into actionable insights and derive greater results for your business with our user-friendly business intelligence (BI) tool! The BI tool will help you easily convert your business data into visual dashboards to help address five common business objectives:

Grow Product Sales

Increase your revenue by boosting sales

Acquire New Customers

Identify your biggest customer segments and how they are typically referred

Retain & Engage your Customers

Understand the preferences of your existing customers

Improve HR Planning

Analyse your human resources and enhance your workforce

Lower Inventory Costs

Improve demand and supply matching

Designed with built-in data protection practices, the BI tool is based on data protection exceptions under the PDPA (e.g., business improvement and managing employment relationship exceptions). It only collects necessary data that are generally pseudonymised.

get started

Interested in all of the above?

Download the full BI tool package here to start creating your own actionable plan.

1.  Please download Microsoft Power BI Desktop to use the BI tool.
2.  You may refer to the Interactive Guide should you require step-by-step guidance on how to use the BI tool.
3.  This tool may contain personal data. Do protect it by saving it in a device that has strong passwords set and limit access to the device.


Any solutions that can export data easily to the BI Tool?

Businesses using IMDA's SMEs Go Digital pre-approved solutions such as point-of-sale (POS), human resource management (HRMS), enterprise resource planning (ERP) or e-commerce systems will be able to find their data already aligned to the requirements of the BI tool.

The list of BI tool compatible SMEs Go Digital pre-approved solutions can be found HERE (135.44KB).

Enterprises and ICM vendors who wish to align their data standards to the BI tool to facilitate data sharing can find out more HERE (24.00KB).

How are other businesses using their data?

Look at some real-world examples of how businesses have leveraged on data analytics to derive user insights that brought about sustained benefits and growth for their business.


Bee Cheng Hiang: 
Remaining agile to make data-driven improvements

As a heritage company producing a traditional snack, the bakkwa giant used data analytics to improve product quality and modernise services to meet customer needs.


Buying into data-driven business

As a unique platform selling modern gadgets and devices, the e-commerce company leveraged on data analytics to gain more insights into their customer purchasing behaviours and boost sales.


The Great Detective: 
Optimising marketing and advertising efforts

Specialising in mystery games, riddles, and puzzles that groups work together to solve, the company was able to cater to customers’ specific preferences and keep them coming back.

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Last updated on: 17 Mar 2023

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