The Policy, Regulation & Competition Development Group oversees Content & Standards, Market Access & Competition Development, Networks, Technology & Resource, Strategic Media Policy & Operations/POFMA Office, Infocomm Policy, Infrastructure Planning & Facilitation and Internet Resource Management.

Management Team

Ms Aileen Chia
Director-General (Telecoms & Post)
Deputy Chief Executive, Connectivity Development & Regulation
Deputy Executive Director (POFMA Office)

Mr Ong Tong San
Senior Director, Market Access & Competition Development Cluster

Ms Yuvarani Thangavelu
Director, Enforcement, Investigation & Prosecution
Director, Licensing

Ms Hema Ramnani
Director, Competition & Market Access

Mr Harin S Grewal
Executive Director, SGNIC
Cluster Director,  Networks, Technology & Resource Cluster
Director (covering), Infocomm Resource & Technology

Mr Queh Ser Pheng
Senior Deputy Director, Internet Resource Management
General Manager, SGNIC

Mr Ivan Koh
Director, Infocomm Policy

Mr Yeo Tiong Yeow
Cluster Director, Infrastructure Planning & Facilitation Cluster
Covering Director, Interconnection & Access

Mr Marcus Tong
Director, Digital Infrastructure

Last updated on: 24 Jan 2022