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TeSA for ITE and Polytechnics (TIP) Alliance

About TeSA for ITE and Polytechnics (TIP) Alliance

The TechSkills Accelerator (TeSA) for ITE and Polytechnics Alliance (TIP Alliance) is an industry-driven collaboration committed to empowering Polytechnic and Institute of Technical Education (ITE) students and graduates with the necessary skills to excel in diverse tech roles across industries.

Over the next three years, the TIP Alliance will focus on driving the shift in industry hiring practices from qualification-based to skills-based. This initiative seeks to equip 1,000 Polytechnic and ITE graduates with tech skills, provide capable jobseekers with equal opportunities, and shape the Polytechnic and ITE curriculum to stay relevant with industry trends.

Students and graduates can expect numerous opportunities within the TIP Alliance, a consortium of global and local companies that employ SG tech talent, including Accenture, Carousell, DBS, Dell Technologies, Ensign InfoSecurity, Google, GovTech, IBM, Inspire-Tech, NCS, OCBC, Oracle, PSA International, Singtel, ST Engineering and UOB. They can look forward to clear end-to-end pathways to kickstart their tech careers, while acquiring relevant skills with the support of these organisations, as well as potential new partners. These pathways include high-quality internships, on-the-job training via apprenticeships, opportunities to pursue work-study degrees or diplomas through the SkillsFuture Work-Study programmes, and industry-recognised certifications.

Launched in September 2022, the TIP Alliance is supported by IMDA, and is co-chaired by SGTech and Singapore Computer Society.

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For companies

How can your company support this initiative?

  • Provide high quality enhanced internships in tech-related studies for at least 44 weeks or 10 months.
  • Facilitate on-the-job training via apprenticeships to connect graduates with rewarding tech jobs and accelerate their professional development.
  • Offer students and graduates the opportunity to upgrade skills through further education via the SkillsFuture Work-Study Programme (WSP), and other industry-recognised certifications.

Who can join us?

  • Singapore-registered company 
  • Businesses offering tech-related roles to trainees
  • Organisations that can provide mentors or supervisors to support and train trainees during their internship or apprenticeship

How does IMDA support your company on this journey?

  • Internship - co-funding for monthly stipend to cover the cost of training during the internship.
  • Apprenticeship - support for monthly stipend/salary, and local/overseas training of trainees.
  • Work-study upgrading - grants to defray the costs of providing on-the-job training, as well as co-funding for monthly stipend to cover cost of training polytechnic/ITE upgraders during work attachments.

If your company is interested in recruiting SG tech talent from ITE or Polytechnics, please reach out to us at

For students

The TIP Alliance is a unique opportunity to fast-forward your career trajectory. If you are a Singapore citizen or Permanent Resident (PR) enrolled in any tech-related programme at an ITE or Polytechnic institute, the TIP Alliance helps you achieve better career growth, regardless of your starting point or educational background.

How do you benefit?

  • Enhanced internships - Before going into the workforce, you will go through a high calibre tech internship that is integrated with your school curriculum. During the internship with a TIP affiliated global or local company, you may choose to pursue relevant industry certifications and courses, as well as overseas attachments.

  • Apprenticeships - Upon graduation, you will go through structured on-the-job training under the TechSkills Accelerator (TeSA) TIP Alliance programme. This will help you bridge into good tech jobs and accelerate your professional development.

  • Digital upskilling - Should you opt to deepen your expertise to secure higher-value tech jobs, the SkillsFuture Work-Study Programmes (WSP) offer an array of work-study options, including work-study certificates, work-study diplomas and post diplomas, as well as work-study degrees.

How do we support your journey?

  • Throughout your enhanced internship, we provide:

    • ­a monthly stipend from your company (if applicable)

    • ­a cost of living allowance and airfare if you are selected by the company for overseas attachments during your enhanced internship
  • For work-study upgrading, we offer:

    • ­support for the cost of industry certifications or relevant preparatory courses while you are studying at ITE or Polytechnic
    • ­a sign-on incentive for selected work-study programmes

    • ­support for enrolling in a relevant work-study course, and/or monthly stipend from your company

    You can also check out work-study opportunities offered by NCS' FusionNCS Ignite, and Singtel's Catalyst.

If you are currently pursuing a tech-related course at ITE or Polytechnic, please contact your school for more details.

Skills-based hiring movement

To ensure equal opportunities for skilled job applicants, the TIP Alliance calls for a shift in industry hiring practices, moving from a focus on qualifications to an emphasis on skills. Find out how your company can benefit through skills-based hiring by watching this video:

 Skills-Based Hiring Movement video thumbnail

Unlocking potential with skills-based hiring

To guide companies down the path of skills-based hiring, the TIP Alliance partnered with the Institute for Human Resource Professionals (IHRP), to jointly develop the Skills-Based Hiring Handbook for tech roles.

Skills-Based Hiring Handbook

The Handbook comprises some of the industry best practices, case studies, and practical strategies on how to effectively manage tech talent acquisition, and equips employers with the tools they need to cultivate a transformative mindset and to evaluate and prioritise candidates based on their skills. Additionally, the resource offers tangible, step-by-step guidance on how to navigate different hiring phases - pre, during, and post - enhancing the implementation of skills-based hiring practices. Download the Skills-Based Hiring Handbook here.

Pledge your support

Pledge your support for skills-based hiring by signing the Employers’ Pledge - 210 employers have pledged their support.

Sign the pledge now - Employers’ pledge for skills-based hiring

View list of employers here (217.83KB).

Be part of the skills-based hiring movement

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How does your company benefit from signing the skills-based hiring Employers’ Pledge?
  • Recognition as a progressive employer - Your company will be featured on IMDA’s website as one of the pledged companies, demonstrating your commitment to building a more diverse and inclusive workforce in Singapore.
  • Access to funding support - Pledged companies can access IMDA’s funding support throughout relevant internships, apprenticeships, and work-study opportunities, which can help to offset the costs of training and development.
  • Reap the benefits of skills-based hiring - By adopting skills-based hiring practices, your company can build a more diverse and inclusive workforce, improve employee retention and productivity, and contribute to the growth and success of the economy.
What should you do if your company is unable to fulfil its commitment after signing the Pledge?

Unforeseen circumstances may arise that could prevent your company from fulfilling its commitment after signing the Skills-Based Hiring Employers’ Pledge. If this happens, please contact IMDA at to discuss your situation and explore possible alternatives. We are committed to working with pledged companies to help them fulfil their commitments and build a more competitive and inclusive workforce in Singapore.

How can I sign my company up for the Pledge?

Your company will need to complete an online form to sign the pledge, and provide the following information:

  • Name of company
  • Name, designation, email, and contact number of a C-suite representative who will submit the pledge form on behalf of the company

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