The Sectoral Transformation Group comprises of 5G Programme Office, Built Environment, Lifestyle, National Lockers Project, SMEs Go Digital, the Modern Services Cluster consisting E-Invoice Project Office and Digital Utilities; and Trade & Connectivity Cluster consisting of Trade and Connectivity.

Management Team

Ms Jane Lim
Assistant Chief Executive, Sectoral Transformation

Mr Robert Tay
Cluster Director, Modern Services Cluster

Mr Marcus Tong
Director, Digital Utilities

Mr Geok Seong Wah
Director, e-Invoice Project Office

Mr Liau Eng Soon
Cluster Director, Trade & Connectivity Cluster

Mr Loh Sin Yong
Director, Trade

Mr Heng Wei Yeow
Deputy Director, Connectivity

Mr New Soon Tee
Cluster Director, National Lockers Project

Ms Samantha Su
Director, 5G Programme Office
Director, Built Environment

Mr John Lu
Director, Lifestyle

Ms Catherine Chong
Director, SMEs Go Digital

Last updated on: 29 May 2020