Strategic Planning & Digital Readiness

The Strategic Planning and Digital Readiness Group comprises Corporate Planning & Research, Strategy & Digital Economy, Digital Literacy and Participation/ Digital for Life, Digital Inclusion and the SG Digital Office.

Ms Gwenda Fong
Assistant Chief Executive, 
Strategic Planning & Digital Readiness
Chief Risk Officer

Ms Dawn Low
Cluster Director, Digital Readiness 
Digital for Life Programme Office
Digital Readiness Cluster

Ms Loh Woon Sien
Director, Corporate Planning & Research
Director, Strategy & Digital Economy 

Ms Mary Yong
Director, Digital Literacy & Wellness 
Director, Learning Design 
Digital Readiness Cluster

Mr Douglas Goh
Director, SG Digital Office 
Director, Digital Engagement & Adoption
Digital Readiness Cluster

Ms Wong Shiow Pyng
Director, Digital Access & Inclusion 
Director, Engagement, SG Digital Office 
Digital Readiness Cluster

Last updated on: 09 Jun 2022