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Graduate Development Programme

IMDA’s Associate in Infocomm Media (AIM) Graduate Development Programme is a 2-year structured programme to nurture and develop talents passionate in the Infocomm Media field.

It is designed for you to gain broad-based exposure to the digital ecosystem, whilst deepening functional expertise and building a strong foundation for future media and digital careers. You will be immersed in a fast-paced and dynamic environment with opportunities to rotate across IMDA’s different functions. This will enable you to build a strong foundation for future roles in shaping a vibrant digital economy and a cohesive digital society for Singapore.

What you can look forward to!

As an Associate, you can look forward to:

A settings cog icon surrounded by speech bubbles and graphs, representing gaining broad-based exposure under the IMDA's AIM Programme

Gaining broad-based exposure and deepening your functional expertise in Infocomm Media

  • Building literacy as well as deepening existing capabilities in key Business-Policy-Social x Tech areas through our 2 x 1-year structured rotations
  • Portfolio consisting of involvement across 2 divisions during each rotation

An icon of two men ascending a set of stairs, symbolising their journey towards personal growth and success under the IMDA's AIM Programme

Excellent track records in:

  • Developing leadership & acquiring technical skills as you embark on challenging projects/assignments across a range of business functions
  • Receiving mentorship from senior leaders for career guidance opportunities to work in cross-divisions task forces and committees
  • Dedicated engagement opportunities with Senior Management
  • Connecting with like-minded individuals in the AIM community + AIM buddy who would be assigned to you

What do we look for?

A lightbulb icon symbolising innovation and bright ideas, representing IMDA's AIM Graduate Development Programme

A discipline in the following:

  • ICT / STEM-related
  • Business Administration / Analytics
  • Communications and Media
  • Economics

Innovation-themed icon featuring gears, showcasing a strong passion for a career in Infocomm Media under IMDA's AIM Programme

A strong passion for a career in the Infocomm Media space and the Public Service, with a strong drive to excel and make a difference.

An icon depicting a hand confidently holding documents, representing excellent track records under IMDA’s AIM Graduate Development Programme

Excellent track records in:

  • Leadership Positions
  • Competition Achievements
  • Co-curricular Activities
  • Internships
  • Community Involvement
  • Undergraduates in their final year of study, or Fresh Graduates with less than 2 years of work experience
  • Strong critical thinking and analytical skills
  • Team player with strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • Able to adapt in a fast-moving and dynamic environment

What is the selection process?

An icon representing an application, featuring a pencil poised above a document, part of IMDA’s AIM Graduate Development Programme

1. Application

An icon depicting the candidate selection process, featuring a laptop screen, part of IMDA’s AIM Graduate Development Programme

2. Virtual Business Case Study

An icon representing Engagement with Senior Leaders, featuring a circle of interconnected human figures, part of IMDA’s AIM Programme

3. Engagement with Senior Leaders

How can I apply!

Application for IMDA's AIM is now open. Please visit to apply.


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