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Committee of Supply 2023

The SG Digital Scholarship. For those who choose different. As digital continues to pervade and transform our lives, we are empowering our Singaporeans and businesses to seize new opportunities in our digital future.
  • COS 2023 - Building an inclusive digital society

    Empowering Singaporeans

    From April 2023, a new DigitalAccess@Home scheme will be introduced (127.84KB) to provide subsidised broadband and digital devices (laptop or tablet) to low-income Singaporean households. This new scheme will cost about $80million over the next four years and replaces the existing NEU PC Plus and Home Access schemes.

  • COS 2023 - Building future-ready infrastructure

    Building the foundations for our digital future

    To support our digital economy and society, we will be investing in digital infrastructure. A new Digital Connectivity Blueprint will be developed (382.39KB) to outline Singapore’s long-term infrastructural plans and ambitions.

  • COS 2023 - Supporting business digitalisation

    Empowering our businesses and individuals in a digital world

    To help businesses keep pace with latest industry trends, we will work with the sector lead agencies to progressively refresh our Industry Digital Plans (136.03KB) (IDPs). These plans will guide firms on digital solutions and corresponding training programmes to adopt, based on sector and growth stage.

COS 2023 - Infographic

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