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Committee of Supply (COS) 2024

Committee of Supply 2024


As the digital economy continues to create new opportunities, we are building a strong digital future for all. We do so by helping Singaporeans capitalise on these opportunities, strengthening digital trust, and enhancing our digital infrastructure and services so that everyone may continue to enjoy the benefits of digitalisation.

Paving the way towards our digital future

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Uplift economic potential through Digital

A myriad of initiatives will be unveiled to help Singaporeans harness the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and triple the number of AI practitioners in Singapore to 15,000. These include programmes that enhance AI skills training, innovation, and capabilities along with investments of up to $500 million in resources for AI innovation and capability building.

  • IMDA is investing $20 million over three years to increase the number of AI-related SG Digital scholarships, and overseas internships to level up tech talent in emerging tech areas.
  • We are also strengthening industry readiness and increasing job opportunities for ITE and Polytechnic students via TechSkills Accelerator for ITE and Polytechnics Alliance (TIP Alliance).
  • Through the Digital Enterprise Blueprint, we will empower enterprises to Be Smarter through using AI-powered digital solutions, support them to Scale Faster through adoption of integrated digital solutions, and equip them to Be Safer by improving their cyber resilience.
  • The Generative AI (GenAI) x Digital Leaders initiative can help businesses stay competitive in the digital economy. The initiative will help digitally mature enterprises raise their understanding of GenAI and provide them with access to GenAI expertise and resources to develop and implement GenAI solutions with tech partners.
Preserve trust in the Digital and Information Domains
  • We are studying the introduction of a Digital Infrastructure Act to bolster the resilience of Singapore’s key digital infrastructure and services.
  • To foster the responsible and ethical use of AI, we will improve AI governance and continue to serve as an international voice and partner for AI. Advisory guidelines on the use of personal data in AI recommendation and decision systems have been published.

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