Be aware of scammers impersonating as IMDA officers and report any suspicious calls to the police. Please note that IMDA officers will never call you nor request for your personal information. For scam-related advice, please call the Anti-Scam helpline at 1800-722-6688 or go to

  • COS 2022 Thumbnail 1 Data Protection Essentials

    Safeguarding businesses and consumers with the Data Protection Essentials programme

    Establish cybersecurity and data protection for SMEs to help them protect the data they collect and recover quickly from data breaches.

  • COS 2022 Thumbnail 2 SMEs

    Empowering digitalisation journey for SMEs

    SMEs get further support in going digital with refreshed Industry Digital Plans, more solutions under the Advanced Digital Solutions scheme, and a broader suite of e-commerce platforms under Grow Digital.

  • COS 2022 Thumbnail 3 Alternative Dispute Resolution Scheme

    Strengthening consumer protection through the Alternative Dispute Resolution Scheme

    The Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) (139.67KB) Scheme will be an effective alternative channel for consumers facing contractual disputes with service providers.

  • COS 2022 Thumbnail 4 Digital Talent

    Developing digital talent with increased tech opportunities

    More tech job opportunities for Polytechnic and ITE students, and a new FinTech Degree Programme.