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Accelerate business growth in retail and F&B with the power of A.I.

AI-powered digital solutions can provide valuable data-driven insights to help online businesses in the retail and F&B sectors strengthen their online presence, streamline operations, and deliver personalised customer experiences.

About Retail Recommendation Engine

IMDA’s Retail Recommendation Engine (RRE) uses AI to analyse and understand online shopping behaviour and trends so that businesses can increase sales and improve customer satisfaction. RRE can boost clicks by up to 100 more per user, which leads to higher browsing, bigger cart sizes, and potential growth in sales revenue by as much as 10%.

Leveraging datasets from business systems such as Point of Sales (POS), Customer Relationship Management and Web & mobile apps, RRE provides real-time, targeted recommendations for businesses to seize upselling and cross-selling opportunities.

Businesses do not require much data to begin using RRE. As RRE can learn from minimal existing data, the system will continually identify new patterns and relationships as the size of the dataset grows.

If you are a retailer or F&B outlet planning to go online, look for digital solutions from e-commerce platforms who have incorporated RRE in their systems, such as

If you are a system provider keen to use RRE, connect with us at ai@imda.gov.sg to get started.

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