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Accelerate business growth in retail and F&B with the power of A.I.

AI-powered digital solutions can provide valuable data-driven insights to help online businesses in the retail and F&B sectors strengthen their online presence, streamline operations, and deliver personalised customer experiences.

About Retail Recommendation Engine

IMDA’s Retail Recommendation Engine (RRE) uses AI to analyse and understand online shopping behaviour and trends so that businesses can increase sales and improve customer satisfaction.

3 benefits of the retail recommendation engine

Using RRE can be very easy as businesses do not require much data to begin! With RRE, businesses can:

  1. Achieve up to 100 more clicks per user1 which often lead to increased consumer browsing and bigger cart sizes
  2. Leverage datasets from business systems such as Point of Sales (POS), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Web & mobile apps to gain real-time, targeted recommendations
  3. Create personalised purchasing journeys for consumers and bring greater value to them by seizing opportunities to upsell and cross-sell
  4. Continually identify new consumer trends through product and purchasing patterns for better product recommendations as the size of the dataset grows

With RRE’s recommendations, businesses are improving the overall consumer experience and seeing success. Watch how a Singapore F&B outlet has done that here:

RRE Youtube Preview

If you are a retailer or F&B outlet planning to go online, look for digital solutions from e-commerce platforms who have incorporated RRE in their systems, such as

If you are a system provider keen to use RRE, connect with us at to get started.

Join over 100 retailers that are already reaping the benefits of AI solutions such as RRE in Singapore. Learn how you can take your e-commerce business to the next level with AI (493.18KB) or check out our list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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For technology solution providers

About RRE

  • Once the technology solution provider (TSP) takes over the use of RRE, who is responsible for data maintenance? Will IMDA offer support for any security vulnerabilities found in the product?

    Once RRE is deployed, it will have access to sensitive information such as sales, revenue, and customer data. As such, TSPs are responsible for managing and maintaining their own data and models. IMDA will continue to provide security updates and bug fixes until RRE is decommissioned.

  • What is the product roadmap? Will future versions of RRE impact technology solution providers (TSPs) and end users? Do TSPs need to upgrade the product each time a new version is released?

    The product roadmap may include updates, product improvements, and additional features, depending on users and industry demand. When available and if they choose to, TSPs have the option to upgrade to the latest version. Not doing so will not impact the TSP or their end users.

  • What happens if IMDA decides to decommission RRE?

    IMDA will provide security updates and bug fixes until the product has been decommissioned. Product decommission will not impact technology solution providers (TSPs) and end users as the product, once deployed, can be independently managed and maintained by TSPs.

  • As technology service providers (TSPs), are we allowed to share the product (i.e. docker image/code) with co-workers who are outside of Singapore?

    Yes, if it is for the intended purpose stated in the technology licensing agreement between IMDA and TSPs.

RRE: Technical and security information

  • Do you have a product manual for technology solution providers (TSPs)?

    IMDA can provide step-by-step guides to help TSPs deploy and integrate the technology in typical implementations, but we do not limit its use cases. TSPs can integrate RRE in any fashion that benefits TSPs and the end users.

  • What is the format of the source code and how will it be provided to technology solution providers (TSPs)?

    TSPs can utilise RRE through a Docker image or source codes written in Python that IMDA will provide. Access to these will be given once the technology licensing agreement between IMDA and the TSP is signed.

  • RRE requires data to train the AI product. Where will the data be stored? How is data privacy ensured?

    The product is deployed within the technology solution provider (TSP) or end user’s environment. As storage of the product is undertaken by TSPs/end users, TSPs/end users are responsible for ensuring personal data privacy. IMDA will not be able to access TSPs/end user data.

  • What is the latency of the product?

    Inference is usually under a second. However, additional factors, e.g. server network, may affect latency.

For end users / retailers
  • RRE sounds interesting! How can we implement RRE?

    Your appointed technology solution provider (TSP) can help implement the solution or you can choose from our list of TSPs. TSPs can effortlessly deploy the AI product on their infrastructure with our step-by-step guides. Once they have done so, you can enjoy the benefits of RRE through your TSP.

  • What type of data do we need to provide IMDA with, if we implement RRE?

    To continuously improve RRE, we would appreciate your feedback on the engine’s performance and its impact on your business. These metrics could include recommendation rate or sales performance (e.g. percentage of sales attributed to RRE). Your input will go a long way in helping us improve the product. IMDA will not request for sensitive or personal data.

For both technology solution providers and end users / retailers
  • Are there grants to help defray implementation costs for end users?

    Grants are available for both technology solution providers (TSPs) and end users. Please contact us for details at


1 The results may vary depending on the specific use case.