men in white

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Being a human in Singapore is tough. Being a ghost here is even tougher. And four ordinary Singaporeans are about to find that out. A cutting-edge horror-comedy from director Kelvin Tong, Men In White takes on the scary from a completely new and hilarious angle. Four Singaporeans die on the same day in a freak accident, involving a leaking gas tank and a frog, and find themselves back on the streets as clueless ghosts. Amateur magician Mr Chen has no idea what being a ghost means. Housewife Madam Wong goes hysterical. And hip-hop dancing twin brothers Yee and Bah discover their girlfriends cheating on them after their deaths. Consumed by grief and confusion, the four ghosts realize that they are fading. A chance encounter with Miss Lee, the beautiful but fearsome ghost of an accident victim, leads them to the first lesson of ghostdom – in order not to fade, ghosts must scare people.

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88 minutes



Key cast

David Aw, Laurence Wong, Shaun Chen, Ling Lee, Ben Yeung, Xavier Teo, Alice Lim, Benjamin Heng

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