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Awards won:

  • Un Certain Regard74th Cannes Film Festival 2021
  • Screened26th Busan International Film Festival 2021
  • In Competition32nd Singapore International Film Festival 2021

Rehana, a 37-year old assistant professor in a private medical college, struggles to keep the harmony between her work and family as she juggles the complex roles of a teacher, doctor, sister, daughter and mother. Her life starts to spiral out of control on a quiet evening when she witnesses a female student storm out of a professor’s office in tears. Meanwhile, she receives a complaint about aggressive behaviour against her 6-year-old daughter. Both incidents leave a searing impact on her. Unable to accept the madness of this society, Rehana embarks on an extraordinary journey to seek justice for her student and daughter, all the while grappling with her ego, sense of morality and repressed anger.

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Running time

107 minutes



Key cast

Azmeri Haque Badhon, Afia Jahin Jaima, Kazi Sami Hassan

International sales/distribution

Films Boutique


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