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Our Board of Directors

The IMDA Board is chaired by Mr Russell Tham, Head, Emerging Technologies, Temasek Holdings Pte Ltd. The Board members guide the work of IMDA, help chart the growth of Singapore's infocomm media industry, and play a pivotal role in driving Singapore's digitalisation journey.

IMDA Board Member: Mr Russell Tham

Mr Russell Tham

Head, Emerging Technologies, Temasek Holdings Pte Ltd

IMDA Board member: Mr Chng Kai Fong

Mr Chng Kai Fong

Deputy Chairman
Permanent Secretary (Information & Development), Ministry of Communications and Information/
Permanent Secretary (Development) (Cybersecurity), Prime Minister’s Office

IMDA Board member: Mr Lew Chuen Hong

Mr Lew Chuen Hong

Chief Executive Officer
Infocomm Media Development Authority

IMDA Board member: Mr Jefferson Chen

Mr Jefferson Chen

Co-founder, Chairman & CEO
Advance Intelligence Group

IMDA Board member: Ms Jackie Chew

Ms Jackie Chew

Chief Risk Officer
Prudential Singapore

IMDA Board member: Mr Chua Soon Ghee

Mr Chua Soon Ghee

Senior Partner

IMDA Board member: Mr Vivek Couto

Mr Vivek Couto

Co-Founder & Executive Director
Media Partners Asia Limited

IMDA Board member: Mr Goh Wei Boon

Mr Goh Wei Boon

Chief Executive Officer
Government Technology Agency

IMDA Board member: Ms Maya Hari

Ms Maya Hari


IMDA Board member: Mr Andrew Kwan

Mr Andrew Kwan

Group Managing Director
Commonwealth Capital Group

IMDA Board member: Dr Lim Kuo Yi

Dr Lim Kuo-Yi

Co-Founder & Managing Partner
Monk's Hill Ventures Pte Ltd

IMDA Board member: Ms Jocelyn Little

Ms Jocelyn Little

Founding partner and Managing Director
Beach House Pictures

IMDA Board member: Ms Ngiam Siew Ying

Ms Ngiam Siew Ying


IMDA Board member: Mr Ricky Ow

Mr Ricky Ow

Quest Ventures

IMDA Board member: Mr Quek Siu Rui

Mr Quek Siu Rui

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Carousell Pte Ltd


IMDA Board member: Ms Tan Lee Chew

Ms Tan Lee Chew

Group Chief Commercial Officer (Market Development)
President Smart City & Digital Solutions
ST Engineering

IMDA Board member: Ms Su-Yen Wong

Ms Su-Yen Wong

Adjunct Professor

National University of Singapore Business School

IMDA Board member: Ms Wu Choy Peng

Ms Wu Choy Peng

Director, Government Transformation (ASEAN),
Amazon Web Services

IMDA Board member: Mr Robert MC Yap

Mr Robert MC Yap

Executive Chairman, Swan & Maclaren Group
Chairman, Advisory Board, EDPR Asia Pacific


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