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Resilience & Cybersecurity

The IMDA Resilience & Cybersecurity Group comprises Advanced Cybersecurity, Resilience & Cybersecurity Policy, Planning and Consultancy, Cybersecurity & Resilience Governance, Operation Preparedness, 5G Exploratory Platforms, Monitoring & Operations Command, and Data Operations Intelligence.

IMDA is always exploring new ways to uphold cybersecurity in Singapore in the face of emerging threats.

Management Team

Ms Aileen Chia
Director-General, Telecoms & Post
Deputy Chief Executive, Connectivity Development & Regulation
Deputy Executive Director, POFMA Office

Mr Tony Lim 
Cluster Director, Resilience & Cybersecurity Group

Mr Edwin Chan
Director, Advanced Cybersecurity

Mr Liau Chie Kiong 
Director, Cybersecurity Resilience, Governance & Preparedness

Mr Douglas Kok
Director, 5G Exploratory Platform

Ms Angela Wu
Director, Monitoring & Operations Command

Ms Angela Tay
Deputy Director, Data Operations & Intelligence


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