Tamper-Proof Digital Certificates

Website: https://accredify.io/
Contact: Quah Zheng Wei
Tel: 9666 5478
Email: zhengwei@accredify.io

Accredify is currently rolling out a suite of technical solutions which can deliver on qualification and credit recognition, transfer and portability across Singapore and beyond. The company has developed a turnkey portal to issue, receive and verify digital tamper-proof credentials such as certificates and transcripts for education institutions that may not be equipped to apply the technical capacities required. With Accredify, educational institutes can communicate seamlessly from student registration to inter-school programmes to graduation.

The company's software leverages on the work done by GovTech Singapore, OpenCerts, which is an open source schema for publishing education credentials. Like the browser is to the internet, Accredify is the gateway for education institutes to utilise the OpenCerts Schema. By using Accredify's Software-as-a-Service, the cost and time required for any education institutes to adopt OpenCerts is reduced by 90%.

The real mission of Accredify is to empower education institutes to speak the same language and in turn enable their students to benefit from an education without borders.

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Last updated on: 10 Sep 2019