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To help companies understand where they are in their digital transformation journey and provide actionable insights, IMDA has partnered the Boston Consulting Group (“BCG”) to develop the Digital Acceleration Index. The DAI enables companies interested to evaluate and assess their digital strengths and weaknesses to have a better understanding of their state of digitalisation across multiple aspects of the business. This will allow them to develop their digitalisation strategies and plans in a more targeted manner. Companies will also be able to assess their digitalisation improvements over a multi-year period with future DAI surveys.

Companies participating in the DAI will receive a report on how they perform across the key parameters of digital maturity, and how they compare with peers in the same sector who have also used the diagnostic tool.

Since 2019, over 5,000 companies of all sizes, across multiple sectors, have participated in the first four DAI assessments. The fifth run of DAI will be conducted from February 2023 to March 2023.

Interested companies may participate by clicking here.

Here is a quick overview of the Digital Acceleration Index and Singapore’s Digitalisation Landscape in 2022.

Digital Acceleration Index (DAI) infographic


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1. How should the questions be answered?
The survey is based on a four maturity-stage approach. Each maturity stage comes with a detailed description of what a company should have in place in terms of processes, governance, and tools for the respective level. Participants are advised to select the level that best represents the current stage of digital in the organisation.
2. What happens if questions cannot be answered?
There is the possibility to skip a question by selecting the “I don’t know” option. If this option is selected, the answer will not be included in the overall results.
3. How will answers and data be used?
Company-specific data provided by the survey participant will only be shared back to the participant and IMDA. Any data and scores will be used in a completely anonymous way. Only aggregated data will be published, without any way of tracing back individual- or company-related data. If you have given consent on sharing your results with your sector lead agency and the Department of Statistics, the relevant agency will also have access to your results for analyses to better design government programmes to support digitalisation. Any such analysis is protected and kept confidential and will be used for statistical purposes only. Results will only be released at an aggregated level and will not contain any company-specific information/data.
4. Does the survey need to be completed in one go?
No, the survey can be paused and resumed. The survey must be resumed on the same device and browser.
5. My company is currently not active during the survey period. What should I do?
If your enterprise is dormant, not in operation or has ceased operations, please do not participate in this survey.
6. I do not have the latest data readily available currently. What should I do?
Please provide estimate(s) of your data to your best available knowledge.
7. What happens if the current maturity is in between two levels?
It is advised to choose the answer that best describes the current state and then provide a comment.
8. Is it mandatory to provide comments?
Comments are not mandatory. However, they can help to understand the company’s current situation better when interpreting the results. These comments will be treated with utmost confidentiality as with all data provided.

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