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Advanced Digital Solutions

About Advanced Digital Solutions (ADS)

ADS was announced as part of the Resilience Budget 2020 on 26 Mar 2020 to support enterprises to deepen their digital capabilities, strengthen business continuity measures and to drive digital transformation to build business resilience for growth in a digital economy.

ADS is an initiative aimed at supporting enterprises to pilot the following types of solutions as early adopters:

  1. Advanced or integrated solutions, aligned with solution categories in Stage 2 or 3 in the Industry Digital Plans (IDPs);
  2. Sustainability solutions such as carbon management and resource optimisation; and
  3. E-commerce platforms that enable SMEs to scale their businesses locally and globally.

When clear business outcomes and demand are demonstrated from early adoption use cases, solutions could then transit to be supported under the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) scheme, subject to prevailing circumstances and the decision of IMDA.

Call for Proposals (CFPs)

To qualify for ADS support, proposals must address the requirements as published via CFPs. More details on requirements will be published over time. Do note that it is important to abide by the deadlines specified within the CPFs, failing which, the proposal cannot be considered.

Project Leads

Industry partners, which could include solution providers, chain leaders, queen bees, trade associations, are welcome to submit proposals as Project Leads. Before proposals can be considered for grant support assessment, Project Leads must clearly state the following in their applications:

  1. Demonstrate a clear understanding of the requirements specified in the CFP;
  2. Sound and proven strategic, operational and financial capabilities to deliver the committed output within the defined project period, with a strong track record of project achievements, and supported by a project team with the necessary requisite qualifications and experience on project delivery and execution;
  3. A detailed action plan on how the proposed solution can be mass deployed to the wider segment of SMEs, upon successful completion of the ADS project, i.e. project must not be a once-off implementation for an individual enterprise or niche group of enterprises.

ADS projects

These are the type of projects supported under ADS that are currently in the process of onboarding early enterprise adopters:

List of supported ADS projects

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Project Information Contact Details

Project Name: Innovative Hub (Alibaba) Package for Singapore SMEs

This project will support the local Participating SMEs to sign up the Gold or Platinum package offered by Innovative Hub and onboard onto The package will provide the local Participating SMEs with the following services/support that will help them achieve cross-border success on

a. Account Subscription on

b. Digital marketing in the form of keyword advertising on

c. Value-added service provided by Alibaba

i. Mini-site setup (including product listing and optimization)

ii. Account management

iii. Alibaba’s targeted training in RFQ and inquiry management

iv. Digital marketing campaign management

v. Account diagnoses

vi. Monthly performance report

d. Dedicated Seller Training by Alibaba

e. 6-months e-store operation and management by Innovative Hub

Valid from 1 December 2022 to 30 November 2023.

Project Lead: Innovative Hub (SG) Pte. Ltd.

Name: Sandee
Contact: 8157 8741

Project Name: Digital Integration of SME Business Operations

With digital transformation taking centre stage in recent years, businesses have adopted a burgeoning suite of SaaS applications in their day-to-day work. This has led to increased fragmentation and data silos, resulting in inefficient business operations.

This project will help B2B technology companies and their SME customers integrate different applications and automate their business workflows, using industry-leading low/no code iPaaS platform, Workato. Non-technical users from business functions like HR, Finance and Business Operations will be able to integrate and automate easily without having to write code. Workato will also provide plug-and-play solutions with enterprise-grade security, helping our local businesses to supercharge their business productivity and integrate their tech stack seamlessly.

Valid from 31 March 2023 to 30 March 2024.

Project Lead: Workato Pte Ltd

Name: Gladys Ng
Contact: 9452 7956

 Project Name: Robot-lift integration with NCS robotmanager

Take your robots to the next level with NCS robotmanager. robotmanager works with all robot types and brands, enabling seamless connection between robots, infrastructure, and business needs.

Compatible with Robotics Middleware Framework (RMF), maximise area coverage of robot fleets within your premises when you enable robot-lift integration with robotmanager.

Valid from 1 October 2023 to 30 September 2024.


Project Lead: NCS Pte Ltd

Name: Robotics, NEXT Open Innovation, NCS


No projects at the moment.

Facilities Management

No projects at the moment.


No projects at the moment.

Sea Transport
Project Information Contact Details

Project Name: eBuyer

eBuyer is a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution for digitalising the ship supplies procurement process between the ship owners and ship suppliers. Procurement documents between ship owners and ship suppliers are converted into electronic formats that can be integrated with each party’s Enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. This helps to reduces manpower costs, improves productivity and eliminates errors in the time-sensitive procurement process flow.

Through the use of RPA, the following procurement documents (in >2,000 file type/format) from ship owners’ ERP/portal are converted into standardised electronic formats that can be integrated into ship suppliers ERP, and vice versa:

  1. Request for Quotation
  2. Quotation
  3. Purchase Order
  4. Order Confirmation

Valid from 31 March 2022 to 31 December 2023.

Project Lead: Lighthouse eSolutions Pte Ltd

Name: Roy Lim
Contact: 8121 5724

Project Information Contact Details

Project Name: Integrated SIMPPLE Ecosystem and Robots

IFSC’s solution includes a 2-in-1 security and cleaning robot, along with the proprietary SIMPPLE Software system. This system can integrate various devices, such as robots, and the existing workforce, onto a single unified platform. The solution is designed to enhance productivity and operational efficiency. In the future, adopters of the SIMPPLE Ecosystem can scale up to include SIMPPLE AI, an Autonomic Intelligence Engine, to automate workflows within a facility. Please note that the integration of IoT sensors is not included in this solution package.

Valid from 8 September 2023 to 7 September 2024.

Project Lead: IFSC Pte Ltd

Name: Su Youyi / SIMPPLE Sales Department
Email: /
Contact: 9007 4481 / 6816 2194

Project Information Contact Details

Project Name: Digital and Automated ESG data management, reporting and analytics solution for SMEs – myCSO by Rimm

Gain a competitive edge from Rimm’s easy-to-use sustainability management platform, myCSO, an end-to-end suite of sustainability solutions designed to simplify your company's sustainability reporting and performance tracking, all in one place. With sustainability integration becoming a key prerequisite of consumers and other important stakeholders, myCSO helps small businesses measure, record, implement and assess actions that aid the delivery of more sustainable business operations, ultimately driving growth. Created by sustainability, tech and finance experts, the platform's key features include:

  • One-click assessments, reports and analytics aligned to global sustainability standards to highlight the key areas your company needs to focus on to boost your performance
  • Strengthen your company’s positioning and strategy in your industry by benchmarking your performance against data on over 20,000 companies
  • Analyze your company’s risks - and be prepared for any situation such as changes in stakeholder and regulatory expectations
  • AI driven tools to assist with data collection and analytics

Valid from 1 September 2023 to 31 August 2024.

Project Lead: Rimm Sustainability Pte Ltd

Name: Bhavesh Nanwani / Sadhika Nanda
Email: /
Contact: +65 9006 6414 / +852 97383295 (Whatsapp)

Project Name: GUUD: ClickargoSG – Resource Optimisation towards Sustainability

ClickargoSG is the first in Singapore that offers end-to-end e-logistics solutions with real-time carbon emissions tracking and analysis for fleet vehicles.

Enabled by IoT devices, ClickargoSG platform solution empowers cargo owners, freight forwarders and fleet owners/managers in the logistics industry to:

  • Track and analyse CO2 emissions of fleet trucks and vehicles in real-time, reduce carbon emissions and receive Emissions Reduction Certificate.
  • Optimise the entire cycle of deliveries with customisable and real time submission of electronic Proof of Deliveries (ePoDs).
  • Automate the creation and assignment of delivery jobs to truck drivers with smart algorithms allowing greater visibility on the job deliveries via GPS & GEO fencing options for high value cargo.

Valid from 20 September 2023 to 19 September 2024.

Project Lead: GUUD (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Name: Siva Gunesparan / JayaPrakash.S
Email: /
Contact: 8809 3853/ 8539 0031

Project Name: Unravel Carbon: Scalable and User Friendly AI-Powered Decarbonisation

Unravel Carbon is an enterprise software that helps companies track and reduce their carbon emissions, focusing on Asia, and headquartered in Singapore. It is the first AI-powered decarbonization platform in Asia that converts any company’s transaction data into full supply chain carbon data in seconds, provides detailed emission analytics, and generates relevant climate solutions automatically.

Valid from 25 September 2023 to 24 September 2024.

Project Lead: Unravel Carbon Pte Ltd

Name: Anton Rimbau / Naina Verghese
Email: /
Contact: 8809 3853

Project Name: Veridis Carbon Management Platform for SMEs

Zuno Carbon solution that enables businesses of all sizes to reduce their carbon footprint and operate in an environmentally responsible manner. Through the Veridis platform, companies can calculate their carbon footprint in real-time using real activity data automatically collected across value chain for all scopes and activities, enabling companies to plan and execute the right carbon reduction strategy.

Valid from 2 October 2023 to 1 October 2024.

Project Lead: Zuno Pte Ltd

Name: Quentin Fouesnant
Contact: 9821 9002

Project Name: Terrascope; a smart decarbonization platform to simplify your organisations carbon reduction journey

Terrascope is an end-2-end decarbonisation platform to help companies measure, reduce and report their carbon emissions. We guide companies on the most impactful actions they can make on the journey to decarbonisation, starting with a comprehensive measurement of scope 1, 2, 3 emissions that is 5x faster and more accurate than conventional efforts.

Terrascope’s key features include:

  • Seamless data ingestion and processing needed for carbon accounting
  • Data science to plug supply chain gaps, achieving up to 92% accuracy even without reaching out to suppliers
  • AI-powered emissions measurement and reduction simulation
  • Deep sector and climate expertise to enable effective decarbonisation customised to each sector
  • Simplify the process of reporting to leading global standards

Terrascope’s platform and methodology has been certified under ISO 14064-1 standards, meeting all key requirements of the GHG Protocol as well as being aligned to TCFD, SBTi, CDP, GRI reporting standards.

Regardless of your company’s maturity in sustainability, Terrascope’s industry leading platform will empower organisations to meet their carbon measurement, reduction and reporting needs with ease.

Valid from 2 October 2023 to 1 October 2024.

Project Lead: Terrascope Pte Ltd

Name: Mark Raphael / Orathai Chieochansuwan (Cherry)
Email: /
Contact: 9192 2221 / 8497 6842

Project Name: Carbon Accounting (Scope 1-3) and decarbonization tool by Asuene

Asuene is a platform for enterprises to help them achieve net-zero as a critical step in addressing the global climate crisis. Our platform plays a critical role in mobilising action and building momentum towards a sustainable, low-carbon future by providing decarbonisation solutions to the organisation. We provide net zero education and bespoke consulting to our customers to help them understand the different scopes and their emissions and the process of reducing or eliminating greenhouse gas emissions. It is important to measure greenhouse gas emissions in all three scopes in order to get a comprehensive understanding of an organisation's carbon footprint and identify opportunities to reduce emissions.

Valid from 2 October 2023 to 1 October 2024.

Project Lead: Asuene APAC Pte Ltd

Name: Shu Setogawa / Masaaki Hamada
Email: /
Contact: 9299 7662 / 9836 2583

Project Name: HVAC Energy Optimisation Solution for Chiller and Air Side Equipment

Azendian’s Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) energy optimisation solution is a fully autonomous, closed-looped software and a process & system digital twin strengthened with machine learning and self-learning algorithms. The solution optimises energy use at the Chiller and Air Handling Unit (AHU) equipment, achieving energy savings and enhancements in workforce productivity.

Valid from 16 October 2023 to 15 October 2024.

Project Lead: Azendian Solutions Pte Ltd

Name: Tan Choe Kin / Koh Liak Huat
Email: /
Contact: 8346 1365 / 9186 7661


Project Name: Carbon Management: Sustainable Food Supply Chain with DiMuto Trade Management Solution

DiMuto's Trade Management Solution is an end-to-end digital transformation platform for ESG management in the AgriFood industry. It streamlines carbon emissions management and boosts operational efficiency through digitalisation across the AgriFood supply chain.

DiMuto's users can have real-time aggregated tracking of key sustainability metrics, including carbon emissions, food waste, and water usage. Additionally, the platform captures data on carbon emissions from trade partners, giving a comprehensive view of environmental impact throughout the supply chain. DiMuto's platform can instantly generate sustainability reports aligned to international standards.

Valid from 1 November 2023 to 31 October 2024.


Project Lead: DiMuto Pte. Ltd.

Name:  Kimberly Ho / Ong Wei Ching
Email: /
Contact: +65 6275 1611


Project Name: Persefoni SME Climate Management and Accounting Platform

Persefoni SME Climate Management and Accounting Platform (CMAP) helps organizations to measure, analyze, reduce and report your carbon footprint on a centralized, cloud-based application.

Key attributes

  • Certified Compliance: Persefoni CMAP holds certifications from TÜV Rheinland and SOCOTEC International, ensuring strict adherence with Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHGP) and Partnership for Carbon Accounting Financials (PCAF) standards.

  • Complete Emission Coverage: The platform covers all Scope 1, Scope 2, Scope 3, Category 1 to 15 emissions, ensuring a comprehensive approach to your organization's carbon accounting.

  • Reporting Applicability: The platform's calculation results are compatible with all major sustainability reporting frameworks, such as ISSB, TCFD, SASB, GRI and CDP.

  • Intuitive and Accurate: Persefoni CMAP comprehensively codified all 1,821 pages of the GHGP and PCAF. This ensures an intuitive and user-friendly experience, as well as accuracy in carbon accounting results.

  • Transparent and Auditable: The platform ensures 100% transparency and 100% auditability, allowing assurance providers to conduct thorough audits.

  • Net Zero Navigator Module: Developed with Bain & Co., this module recommends actions to reduce carbon emissions and manage climate targets. It allows you to customize actions, timelines and ensure that decarbonization strategies align with your business goals.

Valid from 13 November 2023 to 12 November 2024.


Project Lead: Persefoni Singapore Pte. Ltd.

Name: Cedric Chong
Contact: +65 9788 9980

Project Name: ESGpedia Nexus for enabling Value Chain Corporate Sustainability

Serving companies’ ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) needs, with enablement from Day 1 to full readiness. Focus on your core business, leave ESG to us.

ESGpedia Nexus helps manage your business units/suppliers’ data and helps you create ESG-Standard reports without massive IT investments. Easily onboard suppliers and portfolio entities with your own co-branded landing page, into our easy-to-complete ESG assessment as part of the UNESCAP ESBN program. You can also leverage our embedded GHG calculator with a regularly updated, localised and expanding Emission Factor Database covering industry standard and ISO14064 methodologies. Additionally, you can compile full internal and value-chain ESG data into industry-standard reports (ISO, GRI, ISSB, local regulatory standards etc) for external reporting of corporate sustainability.

Get insights from dashboards, monitor your progress and amplify your profile to our ecosystem of corporates, financiers and investors.

Valid from 19 February 2024 to 18 February 2025.


Project Lead: Hashstacs Pte Ltd (STACS)

Name: Benjamin Soh / Benjamin Tan
Email: /
Contact: 9692 5654 / 9111 9801


No projects at the moment.

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