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Industry Digital Plans

About Industry Digital Plans

Central to the SMEs Go Digital programme since its launch in 2017, sector-specific Industry Digital Plans (IDPs) will be progressively refreshed to introduce a greater breadth and depth of digital solutions. This will ensure that the IDPs remain relevant to the evolving needs of SMEs and deepen their digital capabilities.

Aligned with the Industry Transformation Maps (ITMs) for each sector, IDPs in Singapore provide SMEs with a step-by-step guide to identify suitable digital solutions and training programmes to equip employees with the right skillsets at each stage of their digitalisation journey.

As Singapore works towards economic recovery, digitalitalisation remains vital for continued business success and sustainability. To deepen digital capabilities at both the sector and enterprise levels and ensure that the IDPs continue to remain relevant to the needs of SMEs, IMDA will work with the sector lead agencies to progressively refresh existing IDPs.

Building on the foundation established by the current IDPs, the next generation of IDPs will include:

  1. Refreshed solution suite offered under the Digital Solution Roadmap.
  2. Integrated and advanced digital solutions to improve digital connectivity and deepen SMEs’ digital capabilities.
  3. A roadmap on Cybersecurity and Data Protection measures.
  4. Expansion and updating of Digital Training Roadmap to be aligned with the refreshed solutions under the Digital Roadmap and include Change Management.

Access the full list of IDPs available here.

Benefits of CTOaaS and going digital infographic

Who is it for

SMEs at any stage of growth.


A 2021 SME survey by IMDA showed that digital solutions recommended by the IDPs have brought about an improvement in overall efficiency in work processes, with around 85 percent of the respondents observing time savings. 75 percent shared that manpower-efficient digital solutions enabled them to be less dependent on manual labour, which in turn allowed them to retain and develop in-house talents for other functions.

Available resources

IDPs have been developed for the following sectors. Click on the icons to learn more about the various industries.


We strongly value your input. Send us your comments and feedback on the IDPs for SMEs in the feedback form.


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