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Pre-Approval of ICM Vendors' Solutions

Pre-Approved Solutions under IMDA’s SMEs Go Digital programme

As part of SMEs Go Digital programme, IMDA partners the Infocomm Media (ICM) industry to identify and pre-approve digital solutions suitable for mass adoption by broad based SMEs, based on the different SME sector needs defined in Industry Digital Plan (IDPs).

Through pre-approval, SMEs can have access to ready and affordable solutions that are proven to deliver productivity gains (or grow business) and comply with required industry standards; and which are deployed with up-to-date technologies like cloud and AI, as well as being provided by Infocomm Media (ICM) vendors with good track record of serving SMEs.

SMEs adopting pre-approved solutions could be considered for Government incentive support (such as the Productivity Solutions Grant, PSG), subject to their eligibility.

Who is it for?

ICM vendors who satisfy the pre-approval criteria are welcome to submit their solutions to be pre-approved under the SMEs Go Digital programme.

What are the Approval criteria?

ICM vendors and their solutions must satisfy the following criteria:

Assessment area Pre-Approval criteria
1. Solution must meet SMEs’ needs
  • At least 5 SME customers have indicated satisfied with quality of the vendor’s solution
  • Solution must satisfy all the criteria defined in the respective Solution Checklist by the Sectors in Annex 1 below.
2. Solution has a proven track record of helping SMEs achieve increase in productivity
  • At least 5 SME customers have indicated achieving 15%* or more productivity gain from using the solution

*Note: For Construction & FM Sector, the productivity gain indicated must be at least 20%.

3. Solution is affordable for SME adoption
  • At least 5 SME customers have indicated satisfied with the vendor’s solution price
4. Vendor has proven track record with SMEs for the solution
  • At least 5 SMEs* have used the solution for a minimum period of 6 months and are current customers for the solution.
  • There must be no negative feedback from Customer Satisfaction Survey
  • The vendor's company must have been incorporated for a minimum of 18 months

*Note: SMEs testimonial must not be from subsidiaries nor affiliated companies

5. Vendor provides adequate resources to support SMEs
  • At least 5 SME customers have indicated satisfied with the vendor’s service
  • The vendor must be able to offer at least 8 hours x 5 weekdays of post-sales support via on-site/teleconference and be reachable 24/7 via email/contact form
6. Vendor is financially stable
  • The vendor must have a positive net equity in the latest financial year.
  • The current ratio derived from the latest financial year (current assets divided by current liabilities) must be greater than or equal to 1.
7. Vendor has good track record with government agencies
  • The vendor must have satisfactory track record with government agencies.
  • The vendor is not suspended from being considered for pre-approval due to breaches or non-compliances.
8. Vendor has a fully operational professional website that provide details of the solution
  • Functional Website URL

How to apply?

ICM vendor
Figure 1 - Overview of Pre-Approval Application Process

For ICM Vendors who are seeking pre-approval appointment, please complete this self-assessment to evaluate your onboarding eligibility. You may refer to Annex 2 - Pre-Approved Solutions of “SMEs Go Digital” Programme (383.72KB) for detailed information.

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Vendor Self-Assessment checklist

Latest updates

  • [UPDATED 25-Jun-2024!] Effective immediately, only submissions accompanied by the latest version of the checklist and online survey forms will be accepted.
  • (UPDATED 7-Jun-2024!) The financial services checklist has been removed, while the cybersecurity checklist has been revised.

Annex 1 – Solution Checklist by Sectors

Solution Checklist by sectors Version Publish date
Generic (applicable to all industries) 24-2.1 09 May 2024
Accountancy 24-2.1 09 May 2024
Advanced Manufacturing 24-2.1 09 May 2024
Construction and Facilities Management 24-2.1 09 May 2024
Cybersecurity 24-2.2 07 Jun 2024
Engineering Services 24-2.1 09 May 2024
Early Childhood 24-2.1 09 May 2024
Estate Agency 24-2.1 09 May 2024
Food Services 24-2.1 09 May 2024
Healthcare 24-2.1 09 May 2024
Legal 24-2.2 24 May 2024
Logistics 24-2.1 09 May 2024
Marine and Offshore Engineering 24-2.1 09 May 2024
Personal Care Services 24-2.1 09 May 2024
Retail 24-2.2 24 May 2024
Security 24-2.1 09 May 2024
Tourism 24-2.1 09 May 2024
Wholesale Trade 24-2.1 09 May 2024
Vendor resources

Resource for vendors with solutions pre-approved under SMEs Go Digital programme.

  1. Vendor Briefing Session Recording
    IMDA conducts monthly Vendor Briefings to share details on the SMEs Go Digital programme every first Friday of the month. It is mandatory for companies to attend a briefing session before submitting their documents for the pre-approval process. If you would like to view the recording of the previous vendor briefings, please refer to the video clips published in SGTech Website.
  2. Information for a new SMEs Go Digital Pre-Approved Solutions Vendor
    ICM Vendors may access this document (1.73MB) for guidance on Productivity Solutions Grant, Business Grant Portal and other resources.
  3. Pre-Approved Solutions Lockup Image and Writeup
    ICM Vendors will need to use the given Pre-Approved Solutions Lockup and Writeup when publicising any pre-approved solutions. Below are the resources available to help ICM vendors adopt the Pre-Approved Solutions Lockup and Writeup:
  4. Marketing Support for ICM Vendors on CTOaaS publicity channels
    ICM vendors have the opportunity to showcase how their Pre-Approved Solutions have supported SMEs in their digitalisation efforts across various marketing channels, including the CTO-as-a-Service Platform. Interested vendors can refer to the video to find out how to submit SME success stories for potential feature.
  5. 5 Do's and Don'ts of a SMEs Go Digital Pre-Approved Solutions Vendor
    ICM Vendors should familiarise themselves with the Do's and Don'ts of a SMEs Go Digital Pre-Approved Solutions (482.63KB) contract.
  6. Impersonation: A Serious offense for PSG Vendors
    ICM Vendors should understand that impersonating as SMEs (575.45KB) to make enquiry on BGP applications will warrant a suspension or termination.
  7. BGP Application Guide for SMEs
    ICM Vendors can send this guide to SMEs on the steps to apply for a BGP grant application.

The FAQs document provides answers to common queries about the SMEs Go Digital Pre-Approved Solutions program, offering clarity on various aspects such as eligibility, application process, and compliance. It serves as a resource to address key questions and concerns for potential and existing program participants.

SMEs Go Digital Pre-Approval System:

From 1 January 2020, all new and re-applications for pre-approval will be received online through the SMEs Go Digital Pre-Approval System. Please click on SMEs Go Digital Pre-Approval System to access the Pre-Approval System and submit the completed checklist. For more information on how to use the system, download the User Guide here (3.64MB) or scan the QR code below:

Benefits of CTOaaS and going digital infographic

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