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In this digital age, technology is the backbone of our economy, and it's not slowing down anytime soon. Professionals with highly specialised Information and Communication Technology (ICT) skills continue to be in demand by both local and global companies across Singapore’s economy.

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Whether you're a recent graduate or an experienced professional, the opportunities for growth and career advancement are plentiful across all industries. Local tech professionals are earning on average 65% above the national median wage, with impressive wage growth that shows no signs of slowing down. It's a rewarding field that rewards innovation and expertise, and the demand for specialised skills continues to grow.

The future of work is in tech: opportunities abound

From startups to established giants, Singapore has it all. Here are some companies in Singapore that are making waves in their respective industry and providing exciting career opportunities for tech professionals.

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The strong demand for ICT professionals is not just happening in tech industries, but across different sectors including financial services, start-ups and professional services. Equip yourself with these in-demand tech skills to land yourself an exciting tech/ digital role:

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Look here for an extensive list of resources to upskill your tech knowledge today.

Ready to jump into the world of tech? Here is a list of companies and the roles that are open for hire across all sectors:

From good to great: the power of upskilling in unlocking more tech talents

If you're a company looking to stay ahead of the curve, our TechSkill Accelerator (TeSA) initiative is the perfect solution to attract and retain top tech talent. The Company-Led Training (CLT) programme is just one of the many programmes under TeSA which can help your company attract tech talent and discover new potential. 

Stay ahead of the competition and improve your company’s hiring pipeline with TeSA’s CLT programme!

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Company-Led Training Programme

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