We will host a range of innovation and acceleration programmes of Partners in PIXEL. These initiatives provide our companies and creators more opportunities to access their ecosystems, resources and technical expertise.


One of the leading real-time engine, the partnership will help train companies and talent to apply immersive media in media, retail, construction, education industries and others. As part of this partnership, Immersive Media workshops will be held at PIXEL to improve skillsets through Unity’s platform. This initiative will help to develop Singapore as a centre of excellence for Immersive Media.


Set to kick off in February 2019, the six-month programme aims to support innovative data-driven startups in developing data innovation models for Asia and the rest of the world and offers mentorship, training and aid in using data in live environments. Physical co-working space is provided by PIXEL for participating startups to collaborate, build and access to key markets. The programme is Facebook’s second data innovation startup programme globally, after France, and the first in Asia.