19 Sep 2019

02:00 PM-05:00 PM

XR101: Introduction to Creating Interactive Immersive Experiences


immersive mediaIMMERSIVE MEDIA

Who is this for?

Enterprises who are keen to learn how to create XR experiences in-house for training, to enhance collaboration and improve storytelling.

What is this about?

Learn how to translate the real world around us into the virtual world to create an engaging immersive experience.

Leong Chee Loong from Sfx Corporation will give an introduction of XR and share examples or how to inject interactive elements into an XR experience. Hear from Ronnie Chin from AMC Studios, who will share their process to develop “Discover the Future”, a realistic experience set in Mars - demonstrating concepts on how you can create XR experiences for your applications.

The team from Sfx will also give a preview of their RealityTransform platform which enables users to easily create immersive environments with minimal to no-coding.