25 Feb 2020

02:00 PM-06:00 PM

Storify Your Brand - Identify Your Audience


digital storytelling new final iconDIGITAL STORYTELLING

In view of the current COVID-19 situation, we regret to inform that this event has been cancelled.


You definitely want more customers for your business, but is everyone your customer? When you try to speak to everyone, you end up speaking with no one. Knowing the identity of your true audience is a crucial step in engaging them. This workshop will teach you to do just that.

Workshop Outline

●        Introduction to the analogical framework
●        Identify the customer you serve
●        Connecting with the needs of your customer
●        Outline your customer persona
●        Grow an audience vs. getting more customers

Who is this for?

This workshop is thoughtfully designed for business leaders who are brand-builders and evangelists for their organizations. If you are undergoing the challenge of making your brand voice heard above the noise, or if you are seeking fresh vision and new possibilities for your responsibilities in marketing, branding, communication, sales, and/or internal culture-building, this workshop will serve you. To maximise learning, you are encouraged to participate in the processes of discovery and conversation, with a willingness to re-examine what you already know.

About the speakers

Ho Wei Siong has more than 14 years of experience serving as the lead campaign strategist for national-level marketing campaigns for both government and commercial brands.
Joshua Ngiam’s current passion for storytelling is the development of an original bilingual transmedia intellectual property. This creation made him the Singapore Representative at the American Film Showcase Storytelling Workshop Competition 2018, where he was voted ‘Best of Show’.
Ellery Ng, NCC is a certified ontological coach who supports leaders and individuals in making powerful shifts in their lives by working with their linguistic, emotional and physical self-awareness. This expertise overlaps with his work in this workshop in the key domain of narratives - how the stories we tell ourselves affect the results we reap in the world. Ellery brings the element of deep, intrapersonal discovery to clients, helping them to achieve greater resonance and clarity for their brand voices.

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