Are you interested to access shared facilities and equipment for customer-centric innovation?

Within the 25,000 square feet innovation space, PIXEL provides a unique mix of facilities and equipment for technology, media and design all under one roof. All the facilities and equipment are specially designed and curated to help you embed customer centricity into innovation, from our Ideation Rooms to Immersive Experience Lab, Usability Testing Lab (coming soon) and production facilities.

All our facilities and equipment are free to use. Check out our Facilities Factsheet here (2.49MB). Click here to fill up the request form if you are interested to book the facilities and equipment.


One Stop Centre for Developing Great Digital Experiences

PIXEL also provides co-working and incubation spaces to companies that are working on innovation projects relating to tech, media or games and are looking for space and facilities. These spaces provide a conducive environment for the companies to work on their projects and also allow them to be connected to a multidisciplinary community of tech innovators, content creators, game developers and digital designers.

Click here to apply for the incubation or co-working space now.


Facilities and Equipment

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