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Are you a game developer looking for resources to help turn ideas into prototypes, or build a game for commercialisation?

Whether you are developing casual or serious games, AR/VR games, or just looking to gamify your digital product, PIXEL has the right facilities and programmes for you! 

We offer a conducive and creative environment for digital games and game-related start-ups to prototype and develop their games or solutions, as well as to plug into our local games community. PIXEL offers promising game companies support from incubation stages to being full-fledged commercially viable companies.


Getting Serious about Play

If you want to be mentored by games experts and get advice on how to develop a great game, you can check out the list of our mentors here.

If you are looking for a conducive environment to develop and showcase your games. PIXEL is the space for you. Just fill up the form here and we will get back to you soon!

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