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Heterogeneous Network HetNet

last updated 03 November 2017

The Next Generation Nationwide Broadband Network (Next Gen NBN) is the wired network of the Next Generation National Infocomm Infrastructure. It will provide ultra-high speed broadband access of 1Gbps and more, delivering a slew of next generation services at all physical addresses including homes, schools, government buildings, businesses and hospitals.

Get Connected Anywhere with HetNet

Singapore is establishing itself as a Smart Nation to improve the nation’s quality of life, and increase business productivity. This can be achieved by tapping into the potential of infocomm and media (ICM). IMDA is exploring the technology of the Heterogeneous Network (HetNet) to strengthen Singapore’s connectivity framework. This will allow everyone and everything to be connected everywhere, all the time.

Outlined in the Infocomm Media 2025, HetNet represents the next advance in Singapore’s communications infrastructure. It will provide the underlying communications backbone for a pervasive and robust connectivity, and more efficient utilisation of spectrum and network resources. HetNet enables seamless switching between different networks, such as cellular and Wi-Fi networks. It also uses small cells to complement existing macro cells, to bolster network capacity and improve the mobile user experience. Consequently, the enhanced connectivity paves the way for innovative services to be created.